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If you use Instagram for your business or are an influencer who seriously wants to have better results, this article interests you. When you opened your Instagram account, maybe you weren't sure of the results it was going to have and you choose to open your account as personal. However, the Business account for Instagram gives you a series of functionalities that you cannot get through a personal account on Instagram.

As Heepsy helps you to find the best influencers for your brand or company, find out all the possibilities to make your account as successful as possible. Learn here how to change your Instagram to a Professional account.

Business account vs Creator account

If you are thinking of making the change to a Professional account, the first thing you have to do is choose your account as Creator or Business. What is the difference?


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Instagram defines Business account as companies or brands that have a profile to publicize the products or services they offer. An influencer could also use this option if they have a product that they market within their profile. This is what you can get if you change your account to Business:

- Advanced metrics of your account about your posts and audience. Many people decide to change their profile to Business for this reason. Here we can see the gender of your followers, the location, your reach, how many people have seen your publications, etc. These metrics are essential for other companies if they want to collaborate with you for influencer marketing.        

- You can promote your posts. With this, you can create a campaign by advertising one or more posts to a specific audience. And of course, influencer promotion is one good method for doing that.

- Include links to Instagram stories. Many times, if you are an influencer or a brand, you want to redirect traffic to a specific website. If you have a Business account, you can do it with one click. Follow these steps to add a link.        

- Include contact information in your profile. In this way, people can send you collaboration proposals more easily.        

- Label products in your publications so followers can buy your items in a much simpler and faster way.        

- Quick replies: If you have your inbox on Instagram full of direct messages, use “Quick replies”. You can create answers to your most frequently asked questions and answer your followers or brands quickly. In this article, we explain how to do it.        

When choosing either of these two cases, you do not need to have a minimum number of followers. However, you need a certain number of followers for some features.

Business account on Instagram


Instagram defines Creators as influencers, public figures, film producers or artists. In Heepsy we define an influencer as everyone who has 5K or more followers. If you choose this option, you have the option to improve your content and you will get exclusive metrics with other features:

- Access Creator Studio from your computer. This is designed so that you can have important data about your account in one place. Here you will see the same metrics as the business account. However, you will also find when your followers are usually online, the followers you have, and metrics about IGTV.        

- Easy organization of your inbox: You can organize the messages and filter them in folders, prioritizing the important ones.        

- Tag products in your posts and Instagram stories        

- Show your contact details and category. You can display your email or other contact information and show followers what type of creator you are: Artist, blogger, producer, etc.        

- Tag brands in your posts. As you can do in the business profile, tag the brands you want in your posts. If you are an influencer and are campaigning with a brand, this is very important.      

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From personal to professional account

Follow these steps to change your account:

  • In your profile, go to Settings.
  • Here you must go to Account.
  • At the end of everything, you will see the option to "Switch to Professional Account"
  • Here you can choose between Creator or Business account on Instagram. Choose the one you need most, according to the characteristics we have explained.
Choose creator or business account on Instagram
  • If you choose Business, you must link a Facebook page about your brand or business. It does not have to be a page that has a lot of activity; you can create it at that time.
  • If you choose Creator, you must first choose a category that best describes your profession. Then you must link a Facebook page.
  • Your account must be public in order to create a Business or Creator account. Once created, make sure all data is correct.
Connect Facebook page Instagram business account

If you are an influencer, it is very important that you have your Business or Creator account created. This is because of the number of possibilities it offers to improve your reach and position as an influencer. If you are a brand that is looking for influencers, you can use Heepsy as it offers enough filters to perform a segmented search. Additionally, you can see the advanced metric reports with which you can analyze whether or not collaborating with that influencer is worth it.

Do you have a Business or Creator account? Explain in the comments about what benefits it has brought you!