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Have you ever wondered how you can contact influencers? What is the most appropriate way to get their attention? How can you increase their response rate?

If you have ever encountered questions similar to these, pay attention to the following measures, as they will improve communication with them:

First of all, it is important to identify the ways you contact influencers. Thanks to Heepsy, you can save lots of time because you get access to influencer contact information in the Pro Plan. Also, you can find the influencer on Heepsy and send them a DM. We have tried both options and we believe the email is necessary in order to send information about the campaign and communicate with influencers or their agents. Here, we will explain both options and several tips for sending a killer proposal and maintaining great communication.

Find the influencer’s contact information in Heepsy

In Heepsy’s Pro Plan, you can find the influencers contact information. You have two options for getting contact information on Heepsy. You can find the influencer and then click on the influencer’s information–there you can copy the email to your clipboard.

If you are going to contact several influencers and need to contact them all at once, you should follow these steps in the Pro Plan:

  1. Find influencers using the filters you want
  2. Once you find the appropriate influencers, save them in one list
  3. When you have all the influencers in the list, open all reports at once (this is a great way to save time because you don’t have to open them one by one)
  4. Download the list in csv or xls. You will find a column in the file with all the emails and other contact information. Open the platform you normally use to send emails and send your proposal, telling them you are interested in working together!

Sending DM to influencers about your proposal

Even though email can be the most effective way of contacting influencers , you also can contact them via their DMs. If you have the Starter or Plus plans, you can use the filters in those plans to find the most suitable influencers according for your location, category, etc. Once you do that, do the following:

Communication between influencers
  1. Configure your Instagram account with enterprise mode: There is an upgrade that allows all profiles to be configured in “enterprise mode” where you can set up your personal email and even make your telephone number visible.
  2. Open their Instagram link via Heepsy; this way you can just get to their profiles in one click.
  3. Send them a message, telling them some important points about your campaign and that you are interested in collaborating with them. Continue reading if you want to learn how to do this.

In some instances, certain brands write comments on the influencers’ posts to get their attention. However, we don’t recommend this practice, because it can be seen as aggressive and gets rejected by some users.

Once you are able to contact an influencer, how should you transmit your message?

Overall, there should be a short, clear and compelling message that generates interest from the receiver.

9 tips to help you contact influencers

These tips work for either sending a DM or email. Our team has applied them for successful campaigns that you can see in these two case studies.

Contact influencer example on DM
  1. As much as possible, greet the influencer by their own name. In this way, the message will be closer and more personalized.
  2. If you want to convey greater confidence, you should also introduce yourself and mention the company that you are working for and your role. Check the picture here, it is a message we used and this either works for email or DM.
  3. Show interest in the profile of the influencer by letting them know that you have analyzed and checked their work.
  4. Describe the collaboration with which the brand/product will take place in a simple and attractive way. Depending on the urgency of action, you could also mention related conditions, requirements, or publication dates.
  5. Let them see that the proposed collaboration is designed for them. This way, they can see how much you care about it. Include a link in the message that redirects the influencer to the brand or the product.
  6. Leave the door open for a reply, to know if the person contacted is interested in collaborating or not. For example: “we would be delighted to tell you more about it”.
  7. Be available to answer any questions or clarifications that may arise. People tend to appreciate personal interaction, as well as receptiveness to proposals.
  8. Say goodbye politely, implying that an answer is expected from them. For example: “we await your response” or “please provide us with an answer in the next few days.”
  9. Finally, in case the brand or company wants to send mass messages, it has the ability to create a default message in Quick Replies” or “Quick response.” However, consider the above points for more personalized treatment.

If you want to take the time to contact the influencers you want to work with by email, you can perhaps save some when sending the proposal, thanks to Heepsy.

Contact influencers via email

If you have a Pro or Gold plan, you can have access to the contact information of the influencers you want to get in touch with.

Make your life easier by following these steps:

  • Save all the influencers you want to work within different lists.
  • Go to one list and open all the influencer’s reports.
  • Download that lists into a CSV or XLS file.
  • Open that document in excel or google sheets (or equivalent). The XLS file can be opened in excel or google sheets, whereas the CSV cannot be seen properly in excel.  
  • Send a merged email with the proposal. This email you could previously write and saved in the “Drafts” of your email inbox.
  • It is true that the best practice is to send a personalized email in order to get a higher rate of response. Create a column in your google sheet with the names of the influencers. Then, in the draft email, you just need to write {{NAME}} wherever you want to appear. Every email will have at least the name of the influencers and you could still save time sending those emails all at once. You need to make sure the column name will be identical to what you are going to write between this {{}}.
  • A good thing with this option of merge email is that you will be able to see the status of the email. You can know if it was successfully sent, clicked, opened, responded or bounced. You can even see the date an hour of the event.
  • Here you can see a template email, that you can send as the first contact with an influencer.
Email template to contact influencers

As you can see, there are different key steps to contact influencers. If you need to find their public contact information, you can use Heepsy to save lots of time!