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Instagram stories are short-lived and cannot be seen again once 24 hours have passed.

The content shared in the stories will not appear in the main Instagram feed. So the only way to see them again is when the same person saves them in the highlights of their profile.

How do you use Instagram Stories?

It’s very easy: the stories appear in a bar at the top of the feed and all Instagram accounts can publish theirs. To see someone’s story, you just need to tap their profile picture and the story will appear in full screen. That way you see all the content that a person has posted in the past 24 hours in chronological order.

When you are watching a story you can touch to fast forward or rewind, or swipe to jump into someone else’s story. You can also swipe from the bottom up in the same story, and access an external website. This only happens when the story has a link attached.

Adding links to Instagram stories can have a massive impact on how many of your Instagram followers become interested customers (or even customers who buy). Therefore, throughout this post, we will analyze this essential action.

The most important thing is that you need to have 10K or more followers to include a link in your story through the “swipe up” that appears at the bottom of the stories.

This is very useful for redirecting traffic to the website of a brand that is collaborating with an influencer. It is proven that this way of redirecting traffic is more effective than putting the link in the bio. Why?

1. It is much easier to slide and jump to the website that provides the story, creating more of an impact.              

2. To access the bio link you must first enter the person’s profile and then click on the link. It is a longer process and many followers get lost along the way because they do not go through the necessary steps to do it.

How to add a link in your Instagram story?

1. Go to the camera icon to make an Instagram story.              

2. Once you have taken the photo or recorded the video, click on the link icon. Then copy the link of the page to which you want to redirect traffic.              

3. Add a “call to action” so that followers slide and follow the link directly.    

Today, many brands use both options in their accounts and in collaborations with influencers. You could say that today, stories can have more impact than a post. Especially when the goal is to generate conversion.

Finally, for all those profiles that do not have 10K followers, there is an alternative solution to performing a “Swipe up.” If a person publishes a video on IGTV, they will have access to the link button of the chain when they are going to publish a story. Thus, you can link your IGTV video and redirect your followers to the video.

If you have a company profile, even if you have less than 10K followers, you can also see the link icon in your stories. However, this is only to link or tag trademarks, usually made when the brand pays for a person to represent one of their products. If you are a brand who is looking for influencers with more than 10K followers, make sure you check Heepsy.