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When searching for influencers for your marketing campaign, it can sometimes be tricky finding those that specifically align with what you have in mind. Without utilizing the Heepsy filters to their best usage, you could spend hours scrolling through irrelevant profiles for your influencer search.

In this article, you will learn what each search filter can be used for, and how to conduct your search in the most beneficial way for your campaign. We will also go over the filters available in each plan, to discover which one is right for your brand and your campaign goals.

Heepsy plan comparison for your influencer search

Price plan comparison for Heepsy, an influencer search platform.

Starter Plan

This is the most basic of Heepsy’s paid plans. Although there are fewer filter choices than higher plans, for some businesses it will be just right. It can be useful to discover how to optimize your experience with the Heepsy starter plan, so we are going to do exactly that.

This plan works well for businesses that are possibly new to the industry, and interested in trying out influencer marketing for a while. For example, small businesses and startups, entrepreneurs getting to know their available marketing strategies, and marketing agencies on the smaller side, too.

Of course, the starter plan is not just limited to these companies. Realistically, it is aimed at anyone interested in influencer marketing, whilst staying on a budget.  

With the Starter plan, you can make use of the following filter options:

  • Category
  • Location
  • Followers
  • Publications

These filters may be all you need to find influencers that will be perfect for your brand. Search for a micro influencer in the lifestyle category, located right in the city you need! Suppose you are a career coach. In that case, you might consider collaborating with a local LinkedIn influencer on Instagram to boost your visibility and reputation. By promoting your expertise in professional branding, networking, and career advancement strategies to their strong following, you can attract potential clients and promote your coaching packages effectively.

Finally, the Starter Plan lets you consume 500 influencer profiles per month. You consume a profile by opening it to see its full metrics, or by saving it to one of your lists.

Business Plan

The middle of our three paid plans is the Business plan, ideal for those that need that extra bit of help, without running the biggest campaigns around. This plan works great for small to medium businesses, marketing agencies, and brands, possibly still new to the influencer industry, but maybe looking to run a campaign with several influencers.

To make the most of your Heepsy Business plan, you should take advantage of the additional filters available. These are the engagement and contact filters.

You will have access to the same filters of the starter plan:

  • Category
  • Location
  • Followers
  • Publications


  • Engagement
  • Contact

These two bonus filters may be exactly what you need. With engagement, you can search for influencers that are sure to have a high engagement rate, meaning that their followers will be actively interested in their content.

The contact filter allows you to search for influencers with an email address, a blog, or other social media channels like Snapchat and Twitter. If your Instagram campaign is a hit, then maybe you’ll want to work with this influencer on a Tik Tok campaign later, for example.

With the Businss Plan, you can consume 2,000 influencer profiles per month.

Gold Plan

Our top plan available, and the one that will offer you everything and beyond what you need is the Gold plan. Although available to anyone, most Heepsy Gold users are bigger brands and agencies, or teams working on more than one influencer campaign, or maybe just a really big one!

In order to maximize the ROI on your Heepsy Gold plan, you’ll want to make use of the extra audience filters.

You will have access to all available features with Heepsy, which are:

  •  Category
  •  Location
  •  Followers
  •  Publications
  •  Engagement
  •  Contact


  • Audience
  • Authenticity
  • Promotional activity

The Gold Plan gives you access to consume 5,000 influencer profiles per month.

Categories and filters

To make the most out of your search for influencers with Heepsy, you’ll want to know the best ways to use these filters, whatever plan you are on.


The Category filter provides you with a list of the most popular social media categories that influencers fall into. These are categories such as beauty, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, etc.

In the planning process of your influencer campaign, you should define the category of influencer that you wish to work with. This is most likely to be the category that your brand and products fall into.

Categories filter with Heepsy


To fully optimize this filter, you should consider using more than just the country feature. With over 11 million influencers worldwide, there are often hundreds of thousands per country.

To make sure that you are not having to sieve through irrelevant influencers, it is a good idea to define your location as best as possible, by state or city too.

Location filter with Heepsy


The followers filter is exactly as it would seem. You may have decided that working with micro influencers will be best for your brand, or maybe mega influencers are your preferred choice.

Either way, drag the toggle to create a follower’s limit, searching only for influencers that fall within this range. Remember, it’s not always the case that ‘the bigger, the better’. Do some research to understand what benefits can be gained from working with each influencer type.

Followers filter with Heepsy


You probably have an old email or social media account that you no longer use, right? Well, social media influencers are no stranger to this. Many influencer profiles are actually inactive, although everyone’s definition of inactive may be slightly different.

The publications filter is used to determine when an influencers latest post was. Maybe you want to make sure that they have posted within the last week, month, or six months. You can also search by the frequency of their posts, for example if you are looking for someone that posts regularly, such as every day.

Heepsy's Publications filter.


The engagement filter is used to find influencers with top-notch engagement rates, a vital element for any influencer marketing campaign. This is what you should be prioritising for your campaign as this is what shows the interaction between an influencer and their followers, and how interested they are in the content.

We usually recommend starting your search by dragging the toggle to 2% or 3% and up, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then just drop it down until you do. Remember that engagement rates vary based on audience size and content format and category.

With the percentage bar, you can drag this to an exact engagement percentage, if you know specifically what the minimum is for your desired influencer.

The engagement filter on Heepsy.


The contact filter is one of the best additions to the Business plan. Although contacting influencers happens outside of Heepsy, it’s beneficial to have the different contact options to choose from.

Most influencers will have an email address that you can reach them at, or maybe a manager that takes care of this for them. You can select ‘show only accounts with email’, to ensure that this is available for the influencers you are analyzing.

As well as this, you may be thinking about commencing campaigns on other platforms now, or in the future. If your influencer creates the results that you hoped for on their Instagram campaign, then you might think about asking them to do a campaign on Twitter or TikTok too.

Tick the box for whichever social media channel you have in mind, and you’ll be shown influencers with a connected account there.

Contact filter on Heepsy


When heading to the audience filters, you will need to have access to the Gold plan. This may not be necessary for your brand if you are just getting a feel for the influencer industry. But, if you are wanting to create the most detailed and precisely planned campaign, ensuring the best possible outcome, then you’ll want to pay attention to the audience data.

Although an influencer may be based in a specific location, or be within a certain age range, their audience may not be. Use the audience filter to search for influencers that have followers matching that of your exact target audience.

To make the best use of this filter, determine as well as possible the demographics of your target audience, using each of the available options in this filter.

You can make use of the audience age, location, language, gender, and interests.

The audience filter on Heepsy.


The authenticity is another filter directly relating to the influencer’s followers. Unfortunately, with the presence of influencer fraud and fake followers, brands need to be aware of the ways that they can prevent being caught out with this.

By using the authenticity filter, you can search for influencers with the best possible audience score and percentage of real followers. Remember, if you set this very high and don’t find the influencers that you are looking for, then you can always lower it.

And don’t forget, every influencer is likely to have a small percentage of estimated fake followers. With public profiles and followers constantly streaming in, influencers can’t always control the sorts of accounts that follow them.

The authenticity filter on Heepsy

Promotional activity

The final filter called promotional activity, tells you a cost estimate for working with influencers, as well as their percentage of current branded posts. This is used to determine how much it will cost your brand to work with the influencer, and to assess the other brands that they are working with.

You could use this filter if you have a maximum spend in mind, to try and keep to your budget. However, this cost is definitely an estimate. You can always negotiate with influencers, and if your product is of high value to them, then they will often charge less for a post.

For branded posts, you might want to view profiles who are working with very few brands at the moment, for less competition. Or instead, look for influencers that are always working with brands, to know that they are likely to take sponsorships.

Heepsy's promotional activity filter.

Keywords for your influencer search

One of the best ways to define your search with Heepsy is to look for Instagram influencers and YouTube influencers by utilizing the keyword search.

By using the top search bar, you can enter any keywords relating to your influencer campaign.

For example, if you are wanting to work with beauty influencers but are specifically looking for those that specialize in skincare, you could select the beauty category and also enter ‘skincare’ into the search bar.

Or, if you are interested in travel photographers, you could select the travel category, but enter ‘travel photographer’ into the search bar.


With all of the available filters on your Heepsy account, it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming to know which ones to use in your search. Understandably, you will be eager to get analyzing profiles too.

But, what we know is that the brands who take time and patience over their search and planning, are those that have the best success with their influencer search. Influencer marketing is a strategy beneficial to almost any brand, when done right.

Hopefully you will now have a better understanding of how to conduct your search with Heepsy. But, for more help and some personalized advice, you could book a demo with someone from our sales team to help you out.