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When you’re looking for potential influencers to partner with, you may find yourself attracted to big flashy names with millions of followers and verified profiles. There’s no question that these types of influencers will get you far, but sometimes the best influencer for your brand and your campaign is what’s referred to as a micro influencer.

At Heepsy, we define micro influencer as an influencer with over 1,000 followers but (typically) under 20,000 followers. Micro influencers usually have a niche audience and create content based on a particular specialty (i.e. vegan eating, makeup tutorials, fitness, mommyhood, etc.). What micro influencers lack in following they make up for in high engagement rates. Their fan base is usually comprised of friends, family, and fiercely loyal followers who’ve created a small, tight-knit community online. That means, when these influencers introduce a product, their word is as trustworthy as that of an older sibling. Bottom line: when these influencers speak, their followers listen very carefully.

So, as a brand, how do you convince a micro influencer to mention your product in a social post? Sites like Heepsy connect you with influencers who are looking for brands to partner with and develop long-term relationships with. If you have a brand that a particular community would love, whether that be the fitness community, a parenting group, or makeup lovers, Heepsy will pair you with influencers who are experts in that field. These influencers can connect their loyal followers with your fantastic brand.

Micro influencers come with all of the benefits of influencer marketing (increased trust and authenticity, avoidance of ad blockers), without the downfalls of partnering with larger influencers who’ve got millions of empty or unengaged followers. Large influencers do brand deals and collaborations with companies all the time. At some point, their influx of sponsored posts devalues their recommendations. On the flip side, micro influencers rarely do these types of collaborations and frequently assure followers that any product they endorse is a product they truly love.

Another benefit to collaborating with micro influencers is cost efficiency. If you’ve got a smaller budget, micro influencers typically charge less for promoted content than larger influencers. If you collaborate with a celebrity-type influencer on Instagram, they’ll probably give you just one or two posts for a few thousand dollars. Micro influencers may create 10-20 sponsored posts for the same price! More bang for your buck and more engagement for your marketing campaign. Win-win.

If you’re serious about partnering with a micro influencer, Heepsy will introduce you to the face of your next influencer marketing campaign. Cut out hours of scrolling through social media and scouring the internet for contact information. Heepsy believes in creating harmonious relationships between brands and online influencers because both parties always benefit from a positive and productive collaboration. Not to mention, the search for the right influencer will instantly transform from stressful and painstaking to wonderfully efficient. We believe in the power of strong relationships. Discover one today with Heepsy. For more information on influencer marketing, check out our FAQ.