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As you might know, influencer marketing has become a successful resource for many brands and agencies. According to different studies, this industry is set up to become a $5 billion market in 2019. Influencer campaigns are so prosperous because you can share your message with an audience that is very difficult to reach with other types of advertising. With the appropriate influencer marketing platform, you can find and choose the best influencer for your influencer campaigns and forget about scrolling down social media.

You might have run a campaign before, but maybe it wasn’t as successful as you thought it could be. Finding the most suitable influencer is key as well as making sure they don’t have fake values that could affect your marketing efforts. Heepsy is an influencer search tool with more than 11 million influencers who have 5K followers or more, the highest figure in the market. Not to mention, it’s the most affordable one with plans starting at $49 per month.

If you want to know what can be done with Heepsy, here’s some information about some of their filters:

A category filter to find influencers in your industry

Have you ever tried to find influencers who post about a given topic, but you don’t know how to do it? Well, you are in the right place because Heepsy lets you filter influencers with different niches like Fashion, Food, Travel, Fitness and many more! There are more than 20 categories to choose from, so you have plenty of possibilities to meet your industry needs. Influencer campaigns are easier than you think.

Make sure the influencers post in your area with the location filter

The brand you work with might be looking for influencers in a specific area. This is no problem for Heepsy users since they can find influencers from all around the globe! With AI mechanisms, the influencer post location gets detected and you can find influencers by country, county and/or city. Sometimes influencers have more than one location because the influencer might have been in several places in their last posts.

The Heepsy influencer discovery tool.

The number of followers matter

Choosing the number of followers that you wish your influencers determine the results of your campaign. You may think that hiring a celebrity is the best solution for you. However, micro influencers usually have great results because they can transmit and communicate with their followers in a very natural way. With Heepsy, you can set the range of followers, starting at 5K.

With a good engagement rate, you make sure the audience is interested

We define engagement as the interaction that users have with influencers. Engagement is a very important metric in influencer campaigns. This could be likes, comments, or video views. You can filter from low to very high engagement; just keep in mind that high engagement in one category might be different for another one. If the engagement rate is high, it might be a sign to collaborate with that influencer. For the reason that followers are interested in what the influencer posts.

Filter with advanced metrics so your search is more segmented

If you need filters to complement your search you can use branded post, cost per post or percentage of posts per week. With a budget in mind, you can find influencers by searching for how much they usually charge for promotional posts. This cost depends on the type of influencer they are, the country, and how many brand posts they usually do. Because of this, you also can filter by the percentage of branded posts they have in their feed.

Finally, you want to make sure the influencer posts enough content so they’re committed to the campaign. With the “number of posts per week” filter, you can confirm this. Make sure they don’t share 15 or more posts per week. This might make it difficult for their followers to stay interested.

Contact details and other filters that are key for your campaign

Sending the proposal to the influencer is an essential part of the process. Because of this, you can save time by using this filter and having their public contact details saved. Furthermore, filter by the channels that the influencer has in case you want their content to be shared in one or more social media channels. If you are a business that only wants to see influencers, you can hide business accounts.

Once you apply those filters, you will see all the influencers who are between those parameters. Now is time to start checking them. If you see that you have a lot of results, you can choose to order them by followers (one of many filters). If you find an influencer you like, we recommend you open their advanced profile to double-check they have healthy values.

Some metrics that might be good to check are their follower growth over the last 12 months or the comments/like ratio (to make sure they are not fake). As well as their quality score, a value that sums up all the advanced metrics.

An example of a Heepsy Quality Score analysis.

You can start adding people you like in lists to make sure you have them saved, which you can download later. Once you have your lists set up, you can open all the reports at the same time to see aggregated metrics. Also, you can download this information and contact details with the Pro Plan.

It is better to be prepared now than worried in the future. These are just a few steps that you can take prior to choosing the right influencer for your marketing campaign. Since time-saving is key in every business, we recommend you use an influencer marketing campaign. There you can find more than 11 million influencers with 5K followers or more. Plus, in a world where there are many strategies to become a fake influencer, you definitely need to make sure the person has healthy values.