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Campaigns with influencers are one of the most effective ways of communication to publicize a new brand, promote your products, or create interest in your next event. And right now you can do a promotion of the content of an influencer.

The influencers' success lies precisely in their credibility. They have a natural connection and feel familiar since they are not famous personalities or rock stars. They are normal people who have earned the public's trust for the content they show.

If you also choose the right influencer to collaborate with your brand, you will have the necessary factors for a successful campaign, such as quality content, the credibility of the message, and an appropriate target.

Since long ago, Facebook has allowed you to get the most out of your campaigns with Instagram influencers. Facebook has always allowed us to promote some content. However, now we can easily run a promotion of an influencer using their own image. That is, we manage the campaign but it will be the “post” of the influencer that is promoted as if they are the ones who manage it.

Examples of influencer promotion posts

To carry out the campaign it is necessary that both parties, both the brand and the influencer, agree in advance. Below is an explanation of what each of the parties must do to carry out this type of promotion.

The advertiser (the brand)

Instagram advertising campaigns are managed by Facebook Ads. Nonetheless, you need to have an Instagram account in order to perform them. In addition, it is necessary that your Instagram account is a business. If you do not have one yet, it is as simple as creating a normal account and then, from the profile options, indicating that your account belongs to a company.

After this, go to “settings” and click on the “business” button. This way you can access a section called “branded content.” At this point, you must activate the “require approvals” button. Now, it is time to look for your influencers and send them an approval request.

Steps that show you how to set up the branded content approvals in order to promote it

When you receive the approval of an influencer, you can begin to do a promotion of their Instagram content with paid campaigns. At this point, you go into your “Ads Manager'” on Facebook and create a campaign with the goal you prefer.

Then you create the ad group focused on the Instagram feed, according to the characteristics of your campaign.

When you go to create your first ad, you choose the option ”use an existing post.” Next, you click on the “branded content” tab and the posts the influencer has given you access to will appear. You select those you want to do an influencer promotion, and you can then publish your campaign.

The influencer

It is necessary that the influencer agrees to promote the content, so you will have previously reached some type of agreement. Depending on the influencer, they might agree to the characteristics of the brand or campaign.

You will promote content created by influencers and increase your visibility. So the influencer is the first interest, or your success lies largely in achieving a big audience.

The influencer can share the content with you even before publishing it. To do this, you must have previously approved your application. When the influencer has the content ready, before sharing it with your audience, you must select the “advanced settings” option.

Example of how to tag a business partner to do an influencer promotion

There you will see the option “tag business partner” where your brand name will appear. Then you must select the option “allow a business partner to promote.” As soon as you select your brand, the influencer will be giving you access to that content.

In the event that the post has already been shared, the procedure remains simple. In this case, the influencer must select the post they want to share with your brand, and click on the edit button. Now you simply have to follow the same process explained above.

The campaign

From this point, everything will depend on your abilities to create the appropriate segmentations.

In general, segmenting by “custom audiences” is the way that offers the best results in campaigns. Still, each case is unique and everything will depend on your goals. As for the budget, if you have some experience with campaigns on Facebook Ads, you will have some idea of ​​the daily amount you must invest. If you still don't have the experience, start with a small budget (to avoid surprises). Then, wait a few days before analyzing the data or making decisions.

Some ideas for your campaigns with influencer publications are the following: if the influencer is helping you sell a product, you can use their content to carry out a campaign of retargeting visitors to your website who have not yet purchased it. Maybe seeing an influencer with your product ends up making the purchase decision.

On the other hand, if you are preparing for an event and the influencer is helping you spread the news about it, you can add a visibility bonus by showing the post to an audience similar to the one that attended your event in other editions. Or maybe to which you have already confirmed their attendance in the current edition.

You can read this other post on how to measure your campaigns with influencers if you still don't know the proper way to do it. Measuring is the essential step to optimizing and making your next campaigns even more effective.

It is always appreciated when there are new ways to reach your target audience. So try out this idea and let us know what you think!