The industry of working with influencers is relatively new since only a few years ago, brands began to use social networks as a way of advertising or promotion. Seeing the great impact these campaigns have, it's no wonder that this trend continues to rise.

On the other hand, there is still some confusion about this sector. For example, there are people who have questions about how communication with these influential people should be treated, and to what extent the rates of action could be negotiated.

Generally, influencers often work with several brands and carry out different collaborations at the same time. Each of them is usually stipulated in advance to be done in a certain timeframe. For this reason, all actions are temporarily planned in order to organize and meet the deadlines and established objectives. It is important to think about this when contacting influencers since they can be more or less flexible when establishing the conditions of publication. To ensure the approval of a campaign, you should contact them well in advance.

Communication prior to the campaign is key

With this in mind, it is always helpful to have some tips to gain a general understanding when working with influencers:

  • First of all, it is essential to have a cordial and close relationship to build trust on both sides.
  • Make the influencer feel that you value and understand the function of their work, so you understand the burden they may have at certain times. Try not to push them too hard with the publication dates.        
  • Be sympathetic with scheduled times (or schedules) of their publications. It is necessary to give them some margin to publish, since they may have other commitments.        
  • Be open to talking on the phone. Influencers like to have a call to explain the issues of the contract. Take advantage of this situation and you can expedite your response or approval of the campaign.        
  • When describing the work they will have to do by email, clearly, state all the points so that the margin of error is as low as possible. In this way, you will avoid losing important aspects through the email thread.    
  • Be patient and do not expect an immediate response from the influencer. They will not always be able to answer instantly, so you will need to wait at least one day for responses. If they still do not answer, you can ask politely if they read the message.      

Once the campaign is about to start, expect results but be patient

Working with influencers call
  • Try to be as comprehensive as possible, since not everyone is fully dedicated to this sector and may have other work or obligations.
  • Agree to all conditions by email, showing clear acceptance by both parties. This is a way to avoid problems or misunderstandings in the future.  
  • Respect the influencers' rates; you need to be aware that it's their way of living so you shouldn’t tell them that they should charge you a much lower price. Yet, in some cases, the value is reduced if hiring packs of publications (e.g. 1 post +2/3 stories ) which could fit better to your budget.    
  • Influencers can have a management team. In this case, the fee may increase by 20%.  


  • In the case of a paid action, it is also advisable for both parties to sign a bill. Similarly, it is advisable to ask the audience of your profile for their impressions of a story or post to assess the quality and engagement of that profile.  
  • In case any aspect of the campaign is affected (dates, conditions, incentive, etc.) there should be complete honesty. In order to avoid frustration and demonstrate a mutual commitment, it would be wise to offer an alternative or another incentive that satisfies the influencer.        

Working with influencers is very personal work and involves a lot of dedication. Do not forget that these are people who may have the same problems of everyday life. Therefore, sometimes you will have to be patient! If you need to find influencers, make sure to use our platform to save lots of time!