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Since 1988, National Hispanic Heritage Month has run from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 in the United States. It’s a time to recognize the influence Hispanic Americans have had on the history, culture and achievements of the US.

So this week, in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re bringing you a list of Latinx influencers making waves on social media. Keep reading to get to know them, and maybe even find a new face for one of your campaigns!

Manny Mua

You might not know the name Manny Gutierrez off the top of your head. But you’ve probably heard of @mannymua773, a giant among beauty influencers. With over 4M followers on Instagram, and just as many on YouTube, Manny’s done it all: reviews, unboxings, tutorials, and big-time collabs with brands like Kat Von D, Ulta Beauty and Shein. He’s even launched his own brand! Manny’s Lunar Beauty is a cosmetics line for men, women and everyone in-between.

Manny Mua in a photo from his Instagram.

Desi Perkins

@desiperkins is a fashion and beauty influencer and soon-to-be mom who’s found enough success on social media to start her own sunglass brand, DEZI. On Instagram, the Mexican American has collaborated with big-name brands like Olay. With her due date only three weeks away, Desi is sure to make an impact in the mommy category before long.

Latinx Desi Perkins collaborating with Olay on Instagram.

Sarah Rae Vargas

@sarahhhrae is a fashion influencer based in Chicago. On Instagram, she’s collaborated with companies like Target and Savage x Fenty. Sarah also has an active YouTube channel, Raving by Rae, where she sometimes incorporates her Mexican heritage into her fashion videos.

A snap from Latinx influencer Sarah Rae Vargas' Youtube channel.

Thatiana Diaz

New York-based @thatiana.diaz was Miss New York USA 2015, but she currently works as a journalist. Thatiana is a senior editor and beauty contributor at website Refinery29, and also works telling Latinx stories at R29Somos. She’s also teamed up with media outlets like Cheddar and Netflix.

Thatiana Diaz collaborating with Netflix, as shown on her Instagram.

Bryan Hearns

You might have seen @bryanhearns work already without realizing it. This LA-based fashion designer has created custom looks for the likes of Lizzo, Cardi B, Katy Perry and more. He also occasionally makes clothes for himself. Regardless of who he’s designing for, Brayn makes sure to add his signature touch: lots and lots of crystal stones.

Fashion designer Bryan Hearns showing off a stoned look on his Instagram.

Brenda Rivera Stearns

On Instagram, Brenda goes by @she_plusfive, and for good reason: her social media account chronicles her life with her husband and five children. Brenda has collaborated with niche brands like Tidy Books and Honest Beauty. Her Instagram profile explores issues of motherhood with the added level of raising Latinx children.

Brenda Rivera Stearn's family shown in one of her Instagram posts.

Chester Rushing

You might recognize @chesterrushing’s face from Stranger Things: he played Tommy, a classmate of Nancy and Steve. In addition to filming new shows and movies, this Latino American actor maintains his social media profile, where he often posts selfies with other actors he admires.

Actor Chester Rushing's Instagram, showing a post of him with Liam Hemsworth.

Maya Talisa

@mayatalisa is a self-proclaimed Cali girl, Latinx, and vegan. On her Instagram, she posts about vegan food, fitness and her travels. Maya has under 8K followers, which places her in the micro influencer tier. Why not see if she’s interested in a collaboration?

Micro influencer Maya Talisa, as seen on her Instagram profile.

Luis Suarez

@luissuarez.trainer is a muscle transformation coach who promises to help you “build 5lbs of muscle while enjoying abuela’s food.” With just under 20K followers, he’s another great micro influencer option. Luis has collaborated with brands like Chameleon Cold Brew and has been busy uploading content related to fitness and nutrition using Instagram’s newest feature, Reels.

Fitness coach Luis Saurez on Instagram.

Ada Rojas

@allthingsada is an Afro-Latina beauty influencer based out of New York and Chicago. With 45K followers, Ada is positioned at the top of the micro influencer segment. But she’s bound to move up the influencer tiers soon enough. In addition to collaborating with other brands, Ada has founded her own: Latinx haircare and beauty line Botanika Beauty. Botanika’s products are available on Amazon, as well as in Targets and Walmarts nationwide.

A post from Latinx influencer Ada Rojas' Instagram profile


These are just a few of the Latinx influencers out there. In addition to this list, there are well-known superstart Latinx influencers like Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez and Bad Bunny. But there are also many up-and-coming influencers eager to find their first collaboration. Head over to Heepsy and get searching! You might find the perfect person for your next campaign.

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