Discover Heepsy’s latest feature: TikTok Filter

TikTok filter

TikTok is rapidly becoming a social media platform that many brands and companies are using for their campaigns. The power of this channel keeps increasing worldwide, and many brands are choosing launching campaigns there. Due to this, we have developed a brand new filter to find influencers that have a TikTok channel.

With this filter, you can find influencers who apart from Instagram, have a TikTok channel:

  1. 1. Log in to your Heepsy account
  2. 2. Click on “Contact” filter and select TikTok
  3. 3. When you open the influencer’s profile, you will get a link to their TikTok channel. Metrics are still based on Instagram, but you can have an idea of how they will be performing with our advanced data.

TikTok filter

Now, you will be able to see more than 35K results of influencers that have a TikTok channel. If you want to analyze their metrics, remember that for now those are based on Instagram, but you can have an idea of how well they are performing.

What type of influencer marketing campaigns I can do in TikTok as a brand?

This is one of the most common questions that brands and companies are asking themselves these days. Here you can find a couple of examples of the types of collaborations you could do, which are similar to the ones that can be done on Instagram:

  • Challenge: This is the most popular option to do on TikTok. Now you can contact influencers and share a challenge they could do featuring your products. Chipotle, a Mexican food chain located in the US, invited people to participate in the #chipotlesponsorme challenge with influencer David Dobrik. Fans need to follow the brand and send videos saying why they want to win the “celebrity Chipotle card” to get free food of this chain.
  • Ads in the feed: Brands can choose to run ads on feeds collaborating with influencers this way. In-feed ads run on three action models, such as CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per impression), and CPV (cost per 6-second view).
  • TikTok “take over”: Collaborate with an influencer so they can “take over” your account for a day. This means that the influencer can share tips, routines using your products, or to do a giveaway with their followers.

There are different ways to explore this channel with influencers, check their account and see how they are collaborating with other brands!

TikTok influencer marketing

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