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In this article, we bring you, thanks to the Heepsy search engine, another Top 10 list. What are the most mentioned accounts on Instagram this week?


The account of the famous fashion brand, Fashion Nova has been the most mentioned by other accounts on Instagram this week. The brand is very popular on Instagram and encourages its followers to mention it when they publish content with their garments.

However, its first place in this top 10 is due in part to the accounts that use a “technical” current to give more visibility to its profile, which consists of mentioning many accounts in the same post (which have many followers). This is true with Fashion Nova, which has been mentioned 2140 times this week.

Top mentioned accounts Fashionnova

2. Get repost

The Get_repost account is ranked number two on our podium with about 1520 mentions by other accounts. This Instagram user has a single publication that invites you to download an application that seems to allow its users to repost a post.

Top mentioned accounts Get repost

3. Huda Beauty

The Instagram account of this well-known make-up brand encourages its followers to mention it in their publications every time they use their products.

This is how the @hudabeauty account appears in the top 3 with 1152 mentions this week.

Top mentioned accounts Huda Beauty

4. Instagram

The Instagram account enters the top 5 with almost 500 mentions, since it’s the account with the most followers of the entire network. Users who want visibility often mention the account.

Top mentioned accounts Instagram

5. Cristiano Ronaldo

In Cristiano Ronaldo's account, the mentions have no relationship to the player. The majority are people who want visibility or people who admire him.

Cristiano post on Instagram playing soccer

6. The Rock

In The Rock’s account, most posts in which he is mentioned do not have any relationship with him. Since it is actually two accounts of public characters, with many followers, it usually happens that once again, for reasons of visibility, many posts contain mentions of them.

Top mentioned accounts The rock

7. Ariana Grande

During this week she had about 200 mentions on Instagram. She continuously uses her Instagram to be able to advertise new music and other collaborations with brands and other singers.

Ariana Grande Instagram account

8. Rihanna

Rihanna is no longer only known for her music. It has a line of clothes and makeup, that makes her a person with many mentions on her account. She has had about 200 mentions this last week.

Top mentioned accounts Rihanna

9. Beyonce

Everyone knows Beyonce. She is one of the artists with the most followers on Instagram. That is why she has become an icon for millions of people. This week she has had about 200 mentions such as some from Rihanna and Ariana Grande.

Post in Instagram account of Beyonce

10. Billie Eilish

Finally, there is Billie Eilish, a singer who has become very popular this past year. She actively uses her Instagram account to communicate with her fans. Also, they do not hesitate to upload photos of their favorite artists and mention them.

 Instagram of Billie

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