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Compared to Instagram posts, stories are a better way to interact with your audience. They are a great marketing tool, but the nature of this type of channel does not mean that you can publish the first thing that comes to mind.

Rather, stories, like any other social media format, have their "tricks" and certain ways to maximize potential and scope.

Creating interesting stories for Instagram content is not easy. Because of this, to avoid possible publishing failures, here are the 5 most common mistakes of stories on Instagram.

1. Publishing inconsistent content

One of the keys to managing your brand on Instagram and social networks in general, is the consistency of the publications. The image you project should keep some consistency to generate greater confidence and "engagement" with your audience. But, on many occasions, this basic aspect is forgotten when publishing stories, and we end up crossing “the limit” when things that may be too random or common.

If there is more than one person in your company that manages your brand on Instagram, this is more likely to happen. That is why it is important to establish publication parameters, regardless of the format of their dissemination. This includes defining how regularly stories should be published, whether to include hashtags, stickers, or emojis or if you should use a template for all stories.

There are some brands that take great care to manage the aesthetics of their stories, following a very careful style. Here are some examples:

Example of good aesthetics on Instagram stories, this is a coffee brand
Example of good Instagram stories with a girl promoting a clothing brand

2. Duplicating the content you publish

Another of the most common mistakes is to publish the same content that has been published in a previous post in stories. It is fine to do this from time to time. Especially if it is a publication that really interests your audience, such as one related to a giveaway, promotion, or discount bonus.

When you decide to publish in both places, try to be creative. That way you don't duplicate the content in exactly the same way. For example, if you have already published a video as a post, in the stories you could make a teaser of it to get the attention of your audience, encourage them to go through your profile, and see it in full.

3. Not optimizing your stories

Did you know that tagging your location on Instagram Stories, using relevant hashtags, can help you appear on the "Explore" pages of Instagram?

For example, when you share on Instagram Stories, it is advisable to use the geolocation tag and one to three hashtags. It is quite common to receive additional views from people who are not already following you if you get your story to appear on one of the "Explore" pages.

Some tips you can follow when tagging your stories:

- Location hashtags to get added to stories from a geographical area similar to yours.        

- Use hashtags to be added on a specific “Explore” page.        

- Add mentions of other brands with which you are collaborating.

4. Not checking the requests folder

When someone you don't follow replies to your Instagram stories, their messages appear in a separate folder until they are approved. If you do not check this folder often, you may be missing opportunities to connect with them and grow your network.

Instagram stories example of a poll

Check the requests folder from time to time and accept the invitations from your audience. If someone has taken the time to contact you, they probably want to be part of your group of followers. Answering their messages is an important way to show that you care about your audience.Not taking advantage of all the means offered by Instagram

Another one of the most common mistakes when publishing Instagram stories is to always publish in the same format. Instagram stories allow you to publish videos, texts on an image, texts, surveys, etc.

You must take advantage of alternating different types of publication formats to ensure they are not too repetitive. You can also use templates offered by other applications to make your publications more visually attractive.

Example of a beauty brand's Instagram stories showing makeup.

5. BONUS - Not being up to date

Being aware of the updates that Instagram has will not only give your audience one more reason to follow you, but you will also show them that your Instagram profile matters to you and that you take care of it.

New resources appear every month that you can use to make your stories go viral. For example: stickers, surveys, songs, etc. that will make your stories stand out from the rest.

Now that you know the 5 most common mistakes when publishing stories on Instagram, you just have to get to work and publish your stories more efficiently. On the other hand, if you have already used these tips, leave comments about your experience and share your advice! Check Heepsy if you want to find influencers for your Instagram stories!