Every month we will show you the latest updates of the Instagram platform in this blog. Many of these updates can help you in your influencer marketing campaigns since you can apply them and be able to take advantage of them before everyone else. If you need to find influencers and analyze their metrics, you can use Heepsy.

Advertising posts with labeled products

Recently, Instagram gave the opportunity to advertise other Instagram posts.  It can be used in many ways and if you want to learn how to take advantage of this functionality, you can read more here. Now, Instagram has extended the possibility to be able to advertise products in which we have labeled as our own. In this way, our audience can see those exact products and buy them directly from the app. This will make your conversion rates grow because of its ease for customers.

Sponsored post products attached

New Instagram camera format

Instagram released a new way of watching Instagram stories earlier this month. Now when you open the camera, you can click on “Create” and there directly add a GIF, survey, text, etc.

Create mode on Instagram

Say goodbye to the following tab

The platform has taken another step in privacy and has decided to hide the activity of the accounts we follow. Now you can verify that the only activity history that is tracked is with your own account.

Instagram following tab

Receive notifications when your favorite influencers upload a video to IGTV

Now every time an influencer uploads content to IGTV, you can receive a notification and not miss anything. Many influencers have stopped uploading content to their YouTube channels and focused on uploading content to IGTV. By having all the content within the same platform, many influencers see IGTV as a more convenient tool to use. Brands and companies are also including their influencer marketing campaigns content on IGTV.

Instagram IGTV update

Instagram against bullying

This month has been an anti-bullying month and Instagram wanted to develop new functionality. This functionality can help people who are suffering from some kind of problem-related to bullying. Now, when you want to report a person's comment, you can click on the report that comment or restrict that person. When you select restrict that user, the comments will still be visible to that person but everyone else will not be able to see them.

You can decide if you want that comment to be shown or that it remains hidden. You will not receive notifications from that person for whom you have restricted the account. Also if you want to send a direct message, it will not enter your inbox but you will instead see it as a message request.

If you want to learn more about how you can hide comments, you can read this article.

Launch of their new app, Threads

Instagram has noticed how direct messages have grown on Instagram. Due to this, Instagram has been adding different functionalities related to communication between Instagram accounts. Last year they introduced “Close Friends,” which allows Instagram stories to be shared with a specific group of accounts. Now, they’ve launched a messaging app that has certain similarities to Snapchat. The objective of this app is to create conversations between small groups of people. Furthermore, Threads is giving much more prominence to sharing content. We will have to pay close attention as this app enters the influencer marketing formula.

Instagram Twitter update about Threads

Today Instagram is a platform used by millions of people. They have been improving and creating new features to adapt to the needs of customers. If you're looking to save time and analyze the influencers' accounts, try using Heepsy!

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