The great event of the NBA Playoffs in the United States begins next Saturday, April 13th. Meanwhile, social networks play a great role, being used by teams and players in order to strengthen the relationship with their fans. The Instagram account of an NBA player is an indispensable tool to unite their fans and put more pressure on the opponent, even before the match. The games are not only played on the courts, but also on the networks. If you want to know more about how to find Instagram influencers just follow the link. Therefore, we have made a list with the 10 most influential players of the next NBA Playoffs 2019 on Instagram, and the result has been as follows:

1º - Stephen Curry

With more than 24.6 million followers, Stephen Curry is the most influential player in the Playoffs this year. This season he will play the Playoffs alongside the Golden State Warriors, a team he has been with since he started in the NBA. He has an engagement of 4.8%, which indicates a high connection with your Instagram audience especially considering that its number of followers is considerably different from the next member of the list, "Russel Westbrook". On average, he achieves 1.2M of "likes".

Stephen Curry profile's data

2º - Russel Westbrook

Russel, the second most influential player, has a total of 12.7 million followers and achieves 280K "likes" on average. He is part of the Oklahoma City Thunder team. Despite being below the average of "engagement" with respect to their ranking peers, it manages to have an impact on a large audience.

Russel Westbrook profile's data

3º - Kyrie Irving

On the third place is Kyrie Irving. He makes his Instagram posts from Boston, where his team came from, the Boston Celtics. It has more than 12.5 million followers and a 3.50% engagement.

Kyrie Irving profile's data

4º - Kevin Durant

Kevin is part of the Golden State Warriors team and has more than 10 million followers and a 2.20% engagement. The average "likes" he achieves in his publications is 220K, becoming the fourth most influential player in the Playoffs.

Kevin Durant profile's data

5º - James Harden

Known for being one of the best players in the Houston Rockets, he has 9.5 million followers and a 2.9% engagement. His average of 'likes' is 270K in his publications.

James Harden profile's data

6º - Chris Paul

In the sixth place, again a player of the Houston Rockets. Chris Paul has more than 8.8 million followers and a 1.2% engagement. He achieves an average of 100K likes in each post he makes on Instagram.

Chris Paul profile's data

7º - Paul George

The seventh most influential of the Playoffs of this year is Paul George, player of the Oklahoma City Thunder. It is followed by more than 7.6M people on Instagram and gets a 3.90% engagement with an average of 300K "likes".

Paul George profile's data

8º - Klay Thompson

Player of the Golden State Warriors. It has more than 6.1 million followers on Instagram. Their engagement is 7.20%, which indicates that they have managed to build a very strong community in this social network, especially compared to their colleagues. It is not the player with more followers but the one with the most committed fans. Your average of "likes" is 430K for each publication made.

Kay Thompson profile's data

9º - Damian Lillard

Damian is one of the most recognized players of the Portland Trail Blazers, and the ninth most influential of the Playoffs. It has a total of 5.3 million followers and a 1% engagement. Your average "likes" is 52K. Despite the large number of fans, their publications are those that get less impact among their followers if we compare them with the other members of the ranking.

Damian Lillard profile's data

10º - Giannis Antetokounmpo

Milwaukee Bucks player with more than 4.4 million followers. His 6.8% engagement indicates a high ability to connect with his fans on Instagram. It has an average of 290K " likes" in its publications.

Giannis Antetokounmpo profile's data

Access to  to verify all the metrics of these players and many more before the playoffs. Good look to everyone participating in this awesome event!

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