On April 22nd is Earth Day and Instagram has become a great tool to share a message with the world. In the era of eco- friendly products, is very important to hear the influential voices of our generation that are taking the lead on this issue. These influencers can inspire us to recycle better, buy organic products, and being involved into saving the environment in any way. Here we want to share with you 10 profiles of influencers that are bringing awareness to sustainable living.

1º - Jon Kortajarena

On the first place is Jon Kortajarena. He has more than 2.1M of followers and 1.3% of engagement, you might know him because of his model career but he is a great advocate for fighting against the use of plastic and how dangerous it is for the Earth. Not so long ago, he lead a Greenpeace campaign to pick up trash from different beaches in the Basque Country.

Jon Kortajarena profile's data

2º -  Kristina Carrillo - Bucaram

Kristina @FullyRawKristina  has more than 1M of followers and she is Ecuadorian Lebanese. With her profile, she has been able to advocate for a healthy lifestyle that is eco - friendly with the environment. You can see it with the 2.2% of engagement she has. She is the founder of Fullyraw, the largest raw, organic produce co-operative in the U.S.

Kristina Carrillo profile's data

3º - Mimi

Mimi Elashiry is an Egiptian Australian model and influencer, that shares her sustainable living tips as she goes around the world caring about the planet. She has 960K followers and an engagement of 1.3%. She participated recently in Envision Festival, planting trees on site.

Mimi Elashiry profile's data

4º - Jonan Wiergo

We have here Jonan Wiergo, a spanish influencer that is currently living in Bali. He has 540K followers and 10.5% engagement, which is very high. With his awesome pictures, he shares the message of taking care of our planet, recycling, organic food, and taking care of animals and plants.

Jonan Wiergo profile's data

5º - Trash is for tossers

Lauren is a popular activist in New York that shares her tips in reducing waste that impacts the environment. She has 300K followers and 2.1% of engagement. She is the owner of Package Free, a store that helps people buying products that are eco-friendly and also is the owner of The Simply Co, an organic and vegan laundry detergent. Check her profile to find great advice into zero waste lifestyle!

Trash is for tossers profile's data

6º - Bea Johnson

Bea Johnson, is the founder of zero waste lifestyle movement, and she travels the world encouraging people to believe in this great cause. She has more than 210K followers and 2.1% of engagement, and she shares her tips on how this type of lifestyle has a lot of benefits which includes saving money as you are saving the planet.

Bea Johnson profile's data

7º - Shia Su

Shia Su, is a Canadian influencer and activist that inspire others to don ́t use plastic on their lives. She has 99K followers and 3.2% engagement and she shares vegan recipes, tips, and she wrote a book on “Zero Waste”.

Shia Su profile's data

7º - Kate Nelson

Kate Nelson @plasticfreemermaid is the second most influential person in our list. She has a total of 68.7K followers, and a 2.2% engagement . This cool Aussie, she is fighting non stop to raise awareness on the plastic use and how much that is damaging our oceans. With her website, she loves sharing tips and different DIY projects to help her followers save the environment.

Kate Nelson profile's data

8º - Dulcinea - Reserva Wild Forest

Dulcinea, is the owner of Wild Forest, a sanctuary for animals that are going to be killed by mass farming or because they are sick. Dulcinea was a popular lifestyle influencer and Youtuber, but a couple of years ago she left everything in Barcelona and decided to open this great sanctuary to advocate for animals and saving the planet. She has 77K followers and 7.1% of engagement.  In her Instagram profile, you will see updated on the animals, vegan recipes and many tips and inspirational posts.

Dulcinea, @reservawildforest profile's data

10º - The Van effect

The van effect, is a couple from Spain that travels around the world with their van. They have 29K followers and a very high engagement of 7.3%. With their social media platforms, they share different ideas about their nomad life and how to travel in a eco-conscious lifestyle way. They also have an online store that they sell sustainable products that are better for the environment.

The Van Effect profile's data

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