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Heard about TikTok Playlists? The social network’s newest feature still isn’t available for all users. But when it is, it’s set to have an impact on how brands use TikTok for influencer marketing.

What are TikTok Playlists?

Back in March, social media consultant Matt Navarra tweeted that TikTok had news. It had begun rolling out a new feature that lets creators curate themed playlists of content.

A Tweet announcing TikTok Playlists.

The new feature is like Instagram’s Highlights, which lets you sort Stories into collections. It’s also similar to IGTV’s series feature, although IGTV series don’t seem to have as much visibility on a profile as Playlists will have. Both Playlists and Highlights appear on profiles as static collections users can visit from the front page of the profile.

Playlists are currently available to only some creators. The social network allegedly has plans to roll it out to a wider audience in the future.

According to tweets rounded up by Navarra, you’ll need a Creator or Business account to use the feature. Also, videos must be public to show up in Playlists. If you add a private video, or make a video private after adding it to a Playlist, it will disappear from the collection.

How to create a TikTok Playlist

To create a Playlist, go to the video section of their profile and click “Sort videos into Playlist.”  Choose the videos you want to add, name the Playlist, and you’re all set. You should see the Playlist on your profile page.

In the video below, influencer Jera Foster-Fell demos how to create a Playlist.

@jera.bean TIKTOK’S NEWEST UPDATE: THE PLAYLIST FEATURE 🤩 so stoked tor this, do you have it?! #tiktoknews #tiktokupdate #tiktokplaylist #playlistfeature ♬ Up Beat (Married Life) - Kenyi

How will TikTok Playlists help influencer marketing?

Playlists offer the capacity to create collections of content. This means influencers have a whole new world of possibility open to them. Think content series with different episodes, video recipe books, or expanded tutorials.

And new possibilities for influencers means new opportunities for brands. You’ll now be able to collect influencer content and store it in one place. And this can help boost views and engagement, as users are more easily able to find more of what interests them.

As I mentioned above, Playlists look similar to Instagram’s Highlights. So let’s look at a few ways brands use those to see what might be coming down the road for Playlists.

Bloomscape and its value-added content

Bloomscape is a plant e-commerce that has grown with influencer marketing in recent years. On Instagram, it uses Highlights to show off influencer content. For example, the Grow-How Gang Highlights include various influencers and their plant care tips.

A screenshot of Bloomscape's Instagram Highlights, similar to TikTok Playlists.

This idea is perfect for Playlists. If brands work with various influencers over time, they can collect their content in one Playlist to keep users engaged. Moreover, if you know that your followers are looking for your educational content, why not group it all together in a visible place? This will help people find your videos more easily when they need to.

Nike and its storytelling

Nike uses its Instagram Highlights to tell stories of diverse athletes from around the world. With this content, the brand succeeds at showing that sports are for everyone. And by extension, their products are for everyone.

A screenshot of Nike's Instagram Highlights, similar to TikTok Playlists.

The same idea could work for Playlists. Playlists will allow for a better storytelling experience because followers don’t have to search for the next part. When they have the option to continue the story without having to put in any effort, you have more of a chance that they’ll stick around for the next part.

Playlists will also allow you to highlight what matters to your brand. They could be a great place to collect influencer content about diversity, the environment, or whatever other values are important to you.

Other ideas for your brand’s TikTok Playlists

In addition to the two ideas above, here are some other things your brand could do with Playlists:

  • Group tutorials that feature your products, or create longer tutorials with different videos per step
  • Collect influencer reviews of your products in one place to add social proof to your TikTok account
  • Create digital lookbooks of influencer videos
  • Travel guides that include videos about different tourist destinations
  • Compilations of behind-the-scenes influencer content from your brand’s event
  • Concept shorts, mysteries or other narrative content that hooks followers and features your products


TikTok Playlists will surely have an impact on how both creators and brands produce and manage content. And remember, if you need to find influencers for your campaigns, Heepsy is working on bringing you a TikTok search!