Have you ever wondered which are the most mentioned brands on Instagram? While brands upload their own content and Instagram shows you sponsored ads it thinks you’d like, we wanted to know which brands Instagram influencers are talking about.

We looked at 8 different popular categories of influencers to find out which was the most mentioned brand in each. So, courtesy of Heepsy, here are the most mentioned brands in the music, fashion, food, pets, travel, weddings, fitness and mommy categories.

Most mentioned brand in music

Spotify was the most mentioned music brand, with 9.9K mentions. With nearly 300 million monthly users, the streaming service has enormous presence, and currently beats out artists like Beyoncé and Cardi B when it comes to social mentions. The brand uses its social media account to profile artists and new music debuts.

Spotify, the most mentioned brand in music, features KPop band blackpink on its Instagram profile.
@spotify announcing a new playlists of top picks from the girls of @blackpink

Most mentioned in fashion

The most tagged brand by influencers on Instagram isn’t a luxury fashion label. Au contraire. Spanish fast fashion chain Zara was the most mentioned fashion brand. Amancio Ortega, the company’s founder, is the richest man in Spain. And now his brand is the most mentioned fashion brand in the world.

Zara, the most mentioned brand in fashion, has mentions from around the world, even Japan.
@zara gets mentions from as far away as Japan, like from micro influencer @yumi_pu0128.

Most mentioned in food

The top brand in this category wasn’t actually a food brand, but rather another social network. Pinterest topped the list for the most mentioned brand in food. Since Pinterest is a hot spot for sharing and curating recipes, it makes sense that food influencers would talk about the brand.

Pinterest's Instagram account is the most mentioned in food.
@pinterest soups up its profile by collaborating with influencers like @cremedelacrumb1

Most mentioned in pets

National Geographic ranked as the most mentioned brand in the pets category. Although it may be more famous for its coverage of wild animals, the brand also explores the relationship between humans and their domesticated animals, and even produces some pet supplies.

Nat Geo was the top brand mentioned in pets.

Most mentioned brand in travel

Climate positive and sustainable brand Beautiful Destinations topped the list when it comes to mentions in the travel category. The brand regularly reposts travel photographs from other Instagram users. This is a great strategy to both assist in your brand’s content creation, engage your audience, and potentially find influencers for future collaborations.

Instagram account for Beautiful Destinations, the most mentioned travel brand.

Most mentioned in weddings

Wedding Sutra is a one-stop shop for Indian weddings. The platform offers planning advice, vendors, and resources for Indian couples preparing their weddings. So why is it the most mentioned wedding brand on Instagram? Well, not only does India have one of the world’s largest populations, but Indian weddings are a seriously big deal.

The most mentioned brand on Instagram in weddings was Indian wedding hub Wedding Sutra.

Most mentioned in fitness

When it comes to fitness, the most mentioned brand wasn’t a sports-centered company like Nike or Adidas. Rather, American fashion label Calvin Klein took the top spot. The company is famous for its underwear, but it also produces activewear and embraces the athleisure style.

Calvin Klein, mentioned on Instagram by a fitness micro influencer

Most mentioned brand in mommy

The brands that the most mommy influencers mentioned was Urban Decay. The California-based cosmetics company promises cruelty-free beauty and is sold in various department stores and cosmetics outlets like Sephora.  Even moms want to look good, and Urban Decay features products, like its primer potion and setting spray, that promise to keep you looking fresh no matter how busy you are.

Urban Decay posting on Instgram about its long-lasting setting spray.

And your brand?

If you strive to become one of the most mentioned brands on Instagram, you’ll have to court influencers to help you achieve that ambitious goal. Heepsy can help you find influencers and choose the best ones for your brand.