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Did you know that more than four in ten Americans own a cat? And of those surveyed, 64% would rather spend an evening alone with their cat than with their significant other. Wow, that really is a lot of love for these pets! What you may not know is that you can now find cats all over social media, and that is exactly what we are going to do ahead of International Cat Day!

What is international cat day?

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you’ll probably know by now that here at Heepsy we love to celebrate the top pets on social media. Have you read about the top dog influencers yet? Go and check it out!

Well, now it’s time for the cats of the internet to take the spotlight. We have decided to celebrate this as International Cat Day is approaching. The celebration was originally created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and has since been celebrated on August 8th, every year.

International Cat Day exists not only to celebrate these household pets that we adore, but to also raise awareness for abandoned and mistreated cats around the world. As much as we adore these fluffy friends of ours, we must remember that some cats are unfortunate enough to be left stray and be subject to cruelty.

As well as giving our cats the love and attention that they deserve on International Cat Day (and every other day of the year), we can use this day to help cats without a home. Why not consider donating to a cat charity? Take a look at the National Cat Protection Society, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, or International Cat Care. Remember, there are plenty of other charities out there, as well as your local shelter. So, I’d recommend doing your research.

Instagram cat Mietzi relaxing on a sofa.

Who can be cat influencers?

If you’re a Heepsy user, then I’m sure you’ll already have a wide knowledge about influencers. However, if you’ve landed on this article as a cat lover, then maybe not. Essentially, social media influencers are online creators or personalities, typically with a large following of interested fans. So, you may be thinking, ‘how can a cat be an influencer’? Good question!

Cat influencers don’t always have to be the cats themselves. Within the cat category on social media, there are a wide variety of profiles. Typically, you will find accounts that owners have created of their photogenic pets, accounts for your local cat charity, animal photographers, or pages dedicated to general cat content and memes.

There is no criteria to being a cat influencer, other than having exciting content that is all about cats! These can be your cats, or any other cute cats that you have spotted! So, let’s take a look at some of the top accounts in this category.  

Top 10 cat influencers with the best engagement

  1. @mietzi2007
  2. @purruniverse
  3. @abyssinian_plus
  4. @happycat_online
  5. @catcurioonline
  6. @bigbellykarl
  7. @stuffwithcats
  8. @kimthecat
  9. @aurorinhacatclub
  10. @bonbonthecat1

1. Mietzi2007

Mietzi is a great example of an account that has a loving owner, dedicating their account totally to their pet. Mietzi is a cat from South Germany, with 5000 loyal followers on Instagram.

What we know about Mietzi is that their followers are absolutely loving their content. Mietzi has a 38.5% engagement rate, which could sometimes be seen as suspiciously high. However, with the help of Heepsy’s analytics, we can see that Mietzi has a strong number of real followers. With this audience analysis, it’s fair to conclude that Mietzi’s high engagement rate is all down to the content which their followers love!

Mietzi's audience appears to be highly authentic.


Purruniverse is an Instagram account providing a totally different style of content. With 14.7K followers, the content is obviously doing the trick.

This cat account provides their followers with funny, cat-related memes. This isn’t just one cat, but many. The account owner takes funny cat photos from anywhere and everywhere, and creates relatable and amusing content. Be sure to check out purruniverse if you want a laugh on International Cat Day.

Again, this account boasts an outstanding engagement rate of 38%. No surprise, this will be down to the likes and comments left by entertained followers that are eager for more funny content.

Top influencers in the cat category, by follower numbers

We all know that for influencer campaigns, engagement rates are one of the best metrics to assess. However, let’s also take a look at the Instagram accounts in the cat category with the most followers.

  1. @hamilton_the_hipster_cat
  2. @thecatdaddy
  3. @catsloversworld
  4. @benbencatcat
  5. @discover.cats
  6. @catgr4m
  7. @welovecatsandkittens
  8. @inscatgramers
  9. @cat_deborkader
  10. @profnoelfitzpatrick


Hamilton_the_hipster_cat is the cat with the most followers on Instagram right now. With 765k followers, Hamilton is more famous than many of your local fashionistas or beauty gurus! Hamilton may have become famous because of his very distinguishable moustache. Yes, you read that right. Hamilton has a moustache!

However, the story behind this cat and his owner is what will really get your emotions rolling. Hamilton was adopted by his owner in San Francisco, as a feral cat that had been born and raised without human contact. His owner fell in love with him, and although it took several months for Hamilton to feel comfortable, they eventually became best friends!

After all of the attention that Hamilton got through social media, his owner decided to donate all of the money made through his account to the shelter that he rescued him from.

Hamilton the Cat's Instagram profile

The Cat Daddy

Another example of a completely different type of cat influencer is @thecatdaddy. This account is run by Jackson Galaxy, known as the Cat Daddy. Jackson is a cat behaviourist and is the star of the hit show My Cat from Hell, which can be seen on Animal Planet.

Jackson is an expert with these animals, being able to connect with those that have had the most difficult lives, whether being abandoned, abused, or been subject to any other form of animal cruelty. He has written a book about his experience as a cat behaviourist, and has 725K followers on Instagram that are engaged in his educational content about how to have a better life with your cat.

How to find cat influencers on Heepsy

So, if you’re eager to find influencers in this category for enjoyable content, or for your brand campaigns, then Heepsy is the place to get started. To find cat influencers on Heepsy, just follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Heepsy account.
  2. Select the social media channel of your choice, from Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.
  3. Type the keyword ‘cat’ into the search bar.
  4. Choose a country, engagement rate, or any other filter to search by.
  5. You’re ready to view and analyze all of the cat profiles from your filter choices!
How to search for the cat keyword on Heepsy


Whether you’re looking to work with influencers in this category or not, you can now see how there is a variety of content and profile types available. If you want to find influencers in this category, then get searching on Heepsy. And, remember to appreciate your fluffy friends not just on International Cat Day, but on every day of the year!