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A couple of weeks ago was International Book day, and we are living in a world that we can see how many authors use social media to promote their books. Many authors have grown their popularity and their sales by using Instagram and other social media channels to share their book signings, new book releases and thoughts while writing their books.  This is the top 10 authors on Instagram, but there are many profiles out there to feel inspired about the good books that they write.

1º - Rupi Kaur

Her most famous book is Milk and Honey.  She also released another famous book after that, “ The sun and the Flowers”.  She has more than 3.7 million of followers and engagement of 3%.

Rupi Kaur profile's data

2º -  John Green

John Green is the second person of our list, and she has more than 2.1M of followers and 2.7 % of engagement. She is an american writer, and he has won several awards regarding his best selling books. One of his most popular books, The Fault in our stars, was made into a movie.

John Green profile's data

3º - Brené Brown

Brené Brown is one of the most famous authors and psychologists in the world. Her books have been translated into hundreds of languages and are New York Times Best sellers. She has a documentary on Netflix and she also works as a research professor. She has 1.5 M followers and an engagement of 4%.

Brené Brown profile's data

4º - Stephen King

Stephen King, is one of the most famous writers in modern Literature. His book IT, is known for being one of the scariest books all times. It was also made into a movie and it’s getting a second part soon.  They have 1.2M followers and an engagement of 9.9%.

Stephen King profile's data

5º - Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth is an American Author and she is known for her memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” that has been a best seller worldwide. Her book was also made into a movie. She has 730K followers on Instagram and an engagement of 2%.

Elizabeth Gilbert profile's data

6º - Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle, she is a mother, american author and activist. Her most popular book so far is Love Warrior.  She lives in the USA and she has 540K followers and an engagement of  6.9%.

Glennon Doyle profile's data

7º - Chimamanda Adichie

Chimamanda, is a feminist Nigerian author who wrote We all should be feminists, a book that is a reference for many people worldwide. She lives in the USA and has 380K followers and 5.3% of engagement.

Chimamanda Adichie profile's data

8º - Dan Brown

Dan Brown, is an author known worldwide that he has many best seller books like Origins or Angels and Demons. He is the 8th of our list with 140K followers and 3.1% of engagement.

Dan Brown profile's data

9º - Angie Thomas

Angie Thomas is an american author that is popular for the young adult novel, "The hate you give". She released a second novel a couple of months ago.   She has 94K followers and 3.3% engagement.

Angie Thomas profile's data

10º - Susan Dennard

Susan Dennard, is an american fantasy author. She has wrote many novels like Windwitch, Truthwitch, etc.  She has 24K followers and a good engagement of 7%.

Susan Dennard profile's data

Access to  to verify all the metrics of these authors who are very popular in Instagram and many more! Hoping with this list you found new authors for the next book you read!