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If you’ve stumbled across this article, whether a brand or influencer, a Heepsy user or not, you’re probably curious as to what this has to do with Saint Patrick’s Day. Well, when beginning to plan for an influencer marketing campaign, you want to make sure that you’re finding the perfect influencer to meet your business needs. This encompasses a lot, but most importantly, you need to ensure that their followers match the demographic of your target audience, which means looking at location.

One of the biggest pain points that brands have noted, is finding a way to be specific with their influencer search. This is where Heepsy can help. To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day approaching, we are going to look at how Heepsy’s location filter can be used to find influencers from Ireland, and some of the most popular influencers there.  

What is Saint Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day is a religious and cultural celebration in Ireland, held on March 17th each year. The day marks the death of Saint Patrick, the Patron Saint of Ireland. Traditionally, the day observes the advent of Christianity in Ireland, but is now celebrated in many countries across the globe, to observe Irish culture and heritage.

The celebrations take many forms across different countries, but you will no doubt be seeing green everywhere! Church services take place for those that are religious, there are public parades, marches, festivals, and a lot of food and drink. Wearing green is a must, but you will also see people in shamrocks, and even speaking the traditional Irish language.

A few of the top Irish influencers

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most popular influencers in Ireland.

Nicole O’Brien

With 831k followers on Instagram, Nicole is considered a macro influencer. The 25-year-old grew up in Ireland, attending the University College Cork, before moving to London, where she currently bases herself. This social media influencer amassed her large number of followers after appearing on Netflix’s dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’.

Irish influencer Nicole O'Brien's Instagram.

Olivia Neill

Originally from Ireland, Olivia now also lives in London, hoping to advance her career there. You are most likely to know of this influencer from her YouTube channel, where she has gained 684k subscribers, posting lifestyle content, and taking part in trends and challenges. Her Instagram dives into the fashion and lifestyle categories, whilst her TikTok account has also grown substantially over the past year.

Rosie Connolly Quinn

Found at @rosieconxxx, with 361k followers, Rosie is another macro influencer, that became most well-known as a blogger for her honest advice and discussions on relatable topics, and most notably her mommy content. Not only has her Instagram account grown, but her YouTube too, posting beauty and fashion tips, vlogs, and hosting giveaways and competitions for her followers.

James Kavanagh

Rising to fame through creating Snapchat vlogs in 2015, @jamesalankavanagh is a well-known social media personality and television presenter, as well as an entrepreneur. The 31-year-old originally posted social media content in the form of vlogs and parodies, but now has his own book, presents on shows like Ireland’s Got Talent, and has started his own food company Currabinny.

Irish influencer James Kavanagh as seen on Heepsy.

Searching by location on Heepsy

Rather than continuing to list these popular Irish influencers, how about we show you the best way to specifically search for personalities and creators like these? The best way to do this would be to use the location filter on Heepsy.

If you’re looking for Instagram influencers, then select ‘Instagram’ from the first dropdown box. And of course, if you’re searching for YouTube influencers, then you would select ‘YouTube’.

So, with our focus on Irish influencers today, we will be using this as our example. In the locations earch bar, you can type in ‘Ireland’. To be even more specific, you can select a state and a city too.

How to find influencers based in Ireland when using Heepsy.

Optimising your location search

Searching through location this way is pretty self-explanatory. However, we can optimise our search for even better results by also incorporating additional filters. Something that brands often forget is that, just because an influencer is from Ireland, it doesn’t mean that their followers will be too.

Let’s say your objective of an influencer marketing campaign is to build brand awareness in Ireland. So, you search for an influencer there, but later establish that the majority of their followers are located in the United States. Therefore, your product is being promoted towards an audience that won’t be interested in, or be able to purchase it.

So, to advance your search, it’s important to use the audience demographic filters too. As you can see below, we have now specified our search, so that more than 50% of the influencer’s audience will be located in Ireland.

How to find influencers with an audience based in Ireland when using Heepsy.

Take away

Finding influencers that match your specific needs can often seem challenging, or you may not know where to begin. However, there is no need to search through thousands of irrelevant influencers. With these location filters on Heepsy, alongside our other filters like follower count, engagement, categories, etc., you can view profiles that will be the most likely to match your campaign goals.