The Heepsy Business Plan is our mid-sized plan. Search for and analyze millions of Instagram influencers, Youtube influencers, TikTok influencers, and Twitch streamers.

New to Heepsy? Recently upgraded from the Starter Plan? Just want some tips about how to maximize your experience? Keep reading to learn about how the Business Plan works and how you can make the most of it.

Who is the Business Plan best for?

The Business Plan was designed for brands that participate in influencer marketing but don’t necessarily run giant campaigns. The Business Plan is great for:

  • Brands that want to run campaigns with several influencers
  • Marketing agencies that want a new way to find influencers
  • Small to mid-sized businesses that have tested the value of influencer marketing and want to go further with the strategy

Business Plan limits

All our plans have some limits you need to know about. For the Business Plan, the key limits are:

  • 6,000 search results per month
  • 500 influencer reports per month

Search results are the cards you see after running a search. Each time you run a Heepsy search, you’ll use only those results you view. So for example, if your Heepsy search returns 500 results, but you only view the first 12, you’ll only use 12 results toward your monthly limit. 

A report is the full analysis of an influencer’s profile. The Business Plan lets you unlock 500 reports per month. There are 2 ways to unlock a report:

  1. Opening the report by clicking on a search result.
  2. Adding an influencer to a list you’ve created.

These limits reset each time your billing cycle does. You can also buy more results and reports if you need some during your current billing cycle. Check your usage and purchase additional results and reports on your billing page.

The power of the Heepsy Business Plan

We recently ran through the benefits of the Starter Plan. The Business Plan includes everything that comes in the Starter Plan but goes further with some additional features. Take a quick tour of what’s offered in the Business Plan.

Search functions in the Heepsy Business Plan

In the Heepsy Starter Plan, our smallest plan, you get the following filters:

  • Category – Find influencers from a specific category like fashion or sports
  • Location – Search for influencers in specific countries, regions or cities
  • Followers – Define the number of followers
  • Publications – Set the post frequency or date of last post
  • Engagement – Specify the engagement rate as a percentage
  • Contact Find influencers with a public email or other social links
  • Audience – Look for influencers according to the demographics of their audience
  • Authenticity - Check that influencers have an audience that seems to be real people and not bots
  • Promotional activity – Find influencers according to their percentage of branded content and their cost estimate
A screenshot showing the filters included in the Heepsy Business Plan: Category, Location, Followers, Publications, Engagement and Contact.
The filters in the green box are those included in the Heepsy Business Plan.

Influencer reports & analytics

With the Business Plan you get full metrics about an influencer:

  • Core metrics – Category, location, followers, following
  • Engagement rate – the level of interaction they share with their followers
  • Photo/video most metrics – average likes/comments on their posts
  • Follower growth rate – how their followers have grown over time
  • Post frequency – the rate at which they publish
  • Comments/likes ratio – comparison of average comments to likes
  • Followers/following ratio – how many followers they have compared to who they follow
  • Influencer contact info – any published emails and links to other social profiles
  • Audience demographics – a breakdown of the age, gender, location, language, and interests of the audience
  • Audience authenticity – which portion of the audience looks suspicious and may be bots
  • Promotional activity – brand mentions, the engagement rate for branded content, the Heepsy quality score, and a cost estimate
@summurrr on Heepsy. On the Business Plan, you can access data like audience authenticity and contact info, which you can find here in the orange box. We’ve redacted her email here, but this is where you’d find it. With public emails, your influencer outreach just got easier.

Customizable Lists

Heepsy has a built-in way for you to stay organized: lists. Create lists for your campaign, add influencers, and easily compare them. You can also add statuses to individual influencers. Or, use bulk select to manage your lists: add, move, or delete influencers in just a few clicks. Furthermore, with the Business Plan, you can download an XLS or CSV file with all the info about the influencers in your list.

A screenshot of how to download a List, a feature included in the Heepsy Business Plan.
To download lists, you must have the Heepsy Business Plan or higher.

Add influencers

Is there an influencer you want to analyze but who you can’t find on Heepsy? While we regularly update our database, sometimes there are influencers we haven’t added yet. 

If this happens, you can add an influencer by entering their handle. It usually takes about 24-48 hours for the influencer to appear.

How can you optimize your Heepsy Business Plan experience?

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get the most out of your Business Plan.

Prioritize engagement

Engagement rate is one of the most important metrics in influencer marketing. It shows the connection between an influencer and their audience. And the greater of a connection they have between them, the better for your brand. And since the Business Plan includes the engagement filter, you can prioritize engagement from the very beginning of your influencer search.

So for example, you can search for influencers with very high engagement to find those that really connect with their audience. Further, Heepsy also warns you when an influencer’s engagement is suspiciously high, which may be due to fake likes or comments.

And don’t be surprised if your search results for high engagement show influencers who have relatively few followers. Nano and micro influencers, with between 1K – 50K followers, generally have the highest engagement rates. Due to this, they can be powerful allies in influencer marketing. In fact, in 2019, 10 micro influencers were used for every mega influencer.

Export lists and streamline outreach

Heepsy’s Business Plan allows you to download your customizable lists as spreadsheets. And that means you get all the info you need about your selected influencers in one workable place.

An image showing what a list looks like if downloaded as a CSV file with Heepsy's Business Plan.

So why is this important? Well, if you’re planning to reach out to several influencers at once, this can help you organize your outreach. Pull the influencers’ emails from the spreadsheet to contact them individually. Or, automate your outreach to save some time. To learn more about how to automate outreach, check out our Influencer Marketing Guide, Chapter 4.

Make sure an influencer connects you to your target audience

Keep in mind that an influencer and their audience don’t always share the same demographics. While they usually have things in common, sometimes that’s just not the case. It’s not unheard of to find female influencers who have a primarily male audience, or influencers who live in the United States whose audience mainly resides in Latin America.

With the audience filter, you can set the audience demographics to align with your target audience. This is an important step in making sure that you collaborate with an influencer who will truly connect you to your ideal customers.

The Heepsy audience filter, included in the Business Plan.

Don’t be shy, Heepsy can help

We hope that with this article and our Influencer Marketing Guide, you have everything you need to use your Business Plan to the fullest. But, if you encounter a problem, let us know! Your Business Plan includes premium support. So if there’s something you need, our customer support team will help you find it.


The Business Plan is a popular option at Heepsy, and it’s easy to see why. You have everything you need to find the right influencers for your marketing campaigns.

If you’re not sure if the Business Plan is the right fit for you, visit our Pricing Page, where you can compare all of Heepsy’s plans. And if you think you may still need more filters and metrics, read about our biggest plan, the Heepsy Gold Plan, here on the blog.

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