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As of March 1st, Instagram has released yet another new, and great feature for its users. You will likely be familiar with Instagram Live, or at least know of it. But, have you heard of Instagram Live Rooms? The newest addition to the platform can be utilized by any Instagram user from brands, to influencers, and Instagram’s general users. So, let’s get down to exactly what it’s all about.

A little context on Instagram Live

If you’re unaware of the concept behind Instagram Live, or just a little unfamiliar with it, then this is a great place to start. Of course, the clue is in the title! Instagram Live is the platform’s specific area dedicated to video content that is shown in real-time. Users can begin a live stream to their followers instantly. Whilst streaming, the audience can interact through comments that will appear on-screen to the live user, as well as to the other viewers.

Surprisingly, Instagram Live has actually been around since 2016. However, it has gained a lot more attention over the last couple of years. When a user is broadcasting live, it will appear to their followers in the Stories section of their feed. You are able to go live for up to an hour, with the content disappearing after you end the stream.

Influencer’s Live content

When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram Live is an extremely beneficial feature for brands to incorporate in their influencer campaigns. One of the key things that consumers love so much about influencer’s live content is its authenticity. With almost 70% of Gen Z consumers preferring to see real people in advertisements and an almost identical percentage that read 3 or more reviews before purchasing a product, we can see why authenticity is a priority for this group and similar consumers in this day and age.

Live content is all about authenticity. When engaging with an influencer that is live-streaming, their content is entirely spontaneous. Although they often have a pre-planned topic or idea, this content cannot be pre-recorded, therefore is as real as it gets on social media!

When influencers use Live to promote a product, service, or brand, this content can take place in several forms. One example would be an unboxing or first reveal. This is where the influencer will open the product in front of their viewers, giving their initial first impressions. Consumers love to see how a product will arrive if they were to purchase it themselves.

Another popular route for Live content is for influencers to take part in Q&As. You’ll have probably seen videos like this on YouTube, where influencers have asked their followers for questions previously, preparing their answers in advance. And of course, re-recording their video whenever they wish. However, on Live, influencers can take questions from their viewers, without having any time to prepare an answer ahead of time. The audience can get honest answers and opinions and gain a true understanding of the influencer and their views on a product or brand.

What’s new with Live Rooms?

Now that we’re up to date with Instagram Live, let’s talk about Live Rooms. Again, you probably guessed it first time, based on the name – it’s a group that goes live altogether! A Live Room will allow up to four people to stream together at once.

The aim of this, from Instagram  themselves is:

“to open up more creative opportunities – start a talk show, host a jam session or co-create with other artists, host more engaging Q&As or tutorials with your following, or just hang out with more of your friends.”

Instagram Live has allowed for increased creativity on the app, alongside honesty and most importantly – enjoyment for users. By taking part in Live Rooms, creators and social media influencers are able to do more than just promote a brand, but engage in conversations about current topics, inspire bigger groups of people, and bring a smile to more faces through entertainment.

An Instagram Live Room.

By going Live with other users, each one’s followers can be notified and watch the stream, allowing for increased visibility and exposure. But what’s even more exciting is that someone can be spontaneously added to the group throughout the stream, like a surprise guest!

How to begin a live room

In order to begin a Live Room on Instagram, it’s pretty simple really. Follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Instagram app.
  2. Swipe left to the camera screen.
  3. Select Live from the bottom scrollable options.
  4. Choose a title.
  5. Tap the Rooms icon, where you can select guests to add (you can search for guests or see who has requested to go Live with you).

Instagram has ensured that users can continue to feel safe on the app whilst using Live Rooms. Both users that have been blocked by the Live streamer, and those that have had their Live access revoked due to violation of Community Guidelines will be unable to join a Room. In addition, the host of the Room can block and report any comments that are inappropriately posted within the Room.

Content ideas

In terms of content, Instagram influencers have been using Live Rooms to do group tutorials, Q&As in a group discussion format, debates on hot topics, and give reviews on products being used in different ways. If you’re considering creating a Live Room as an influencer, or are a brand interested in understanding some ways that it would work best, then let’s dig a little deeper.

Product demonstration/tutorial

Product demonstrations and essentially ‘how to use’ videos are one of the most popular forms of video content amongst influencers. Whether the product is complex or not, consumers are interested in seeing how it works before they make the purchase. They also love to discover different potential ways of using it.

By going Live in a Room, influencers can pair up with others to give a demonstration that could encourage consumers to see this product being used by different types of people. For example, influencers could do a demonstration that shows a new foundation being applied on different skin types.


As mentioned before, we all know and love the idea of live Q&As, where authenticity really shines through. But what’s better? A group Q&A! You could consider creating a panel of influencers, for example, one from four different locations around the world.

By having a Live panel of influencers from different demographics that are answering questions on your product, you will instantly increase the exposure of your brand. There’s potential to have totally different consumer groups viewing the Live stream, giving the chance for you to reach a much wider audience.


Classes can also sort of be like a tutorial. However, rather than showcasing the product, influencers will take viewers through step-by-step guides on how to use it. Think of a cooking class, for example. Your brand may have released a new kitchen utensil or a new vegan line to your food business.

You could ask a group of influencers to go Live together, with each in their own homes following a cooking lesson that uses your product. This can encourage high viewer engagement from those that are joining in at home, as well as I’m sure providing entertainment to the audience too!


Instagram is constantly keeping up to date with the needs of its users. The introduction of Live Rooms really is something to take advantage of as a brand or an influencer, or even to just have a bit of fun with your friends! However, if you are a brand that is looking to find influencers for some new Live Rooms content, then Heepsy is always here to help.