People are more inclined to purchase items from the professionals they trust. As a result of this tendency, influencers now have more power in their hands than traditional advertising businesses.

The significance of influencer video marketing applies across the board, and the fitness industry is no exception.

So, if you’re a budding online personal trainer, nutritionist, or blogger wanting to share their path to health while making a living off it, the first thing to do is build a strong social media presence. Let’s check out the three fundamental strategies that’ll get you there.

Advertise to the Right Customers

You could randomly enter the market, record whatever you want, and sell to whoever comes across your channel.

However, determining your social media target audience makes content creation much more straightforward and productive. It ensures that people likely to be interested in your products or services see the videos.

Try to imagine your ideal customer. Think about their age, gender, and other, more specific demographic traits. Are you creating meal plans for busy business people? Are your videos geared towards moms looking to stay fit from home?

Tailor your posts and examine analytics. With each subsequent video, you’ll gain useful insight to make the customer persona much more detailed.

Think about it – fitness is a massive industry, and you’re looking to carve out a niche for yourself. It should include the people interested in the same type of content.

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Switch Up Your Content

Once you determine what your audience wants to see, play around with the options. People are multifaceted, and seeing one type of video gets dull quickly.

There’s a long list of video ideas to explore. Asking the community what they’d like to see through polls boosts engagement and makes them feel more in control.

Promo Videos

These chunks of content are the number one thing to draw new members to your community. You can click here to see how to create promo videos, but the point is to display:

  • What you’re offering
  • How your services differ from the competition
  • A bit about yourself for personalization

Combine high-quality promos and the right targeting, and you’ll see the audience grow in no time.

Diet Plans

What you consume is half of staying fit. So, even if you’re not a nutritionist, sharing how you eat and how it helped your journey can still help people. Plus, it’s an excellent avenue for brand deals, as long as you stay honest with your suggestions.

Workout Videos

Record your workouts or create training sessions specifically for beginners, intermediates, or people who get bored quickly. Exercising from home has skyrocketed over the last year. Your videos can be a valuable guide for those looking to stay fit in isolation.  


Apart from your workout videos, you could shoot short explainers for complete beginners. Newbies will appreciate having an expert demonstrate the basics.


Social proof is a powerful tool, making potential new clients more comfortable with the idea of taking action. Ask people who tried your program to share their experiences via your platform.

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Share in the Right Places

Referrals and traditional advertising models aren’t useless, but creating a presence on prominent social media platforms will take you places.


YouTube boasts over 1 billion users, many of who use it for fitness-related topics. Personal trainers post:

  • Vlogs
  • Q&A
  • Tips and tricks
  • Explainers
  • Sneak peeks into your workout program
  • Full-length workout videos

It’s a saturated market, though. Don’t get discouraged if your first video doesn’t do that well.


It may sound counterintuitive to use a fast-moving, bite-sized social network for growing your fitness audience. However, Twitter is an ideal complement to YouTube or Instagram, where you post full-length videos.

Tweet creatively, and you’ll get users intrigued and wanting to learn more.


Facebook is among the most populated platforms out there. Post daily about health and fitness, share videos and organize them in categories, or even create a group to get people more involved in your community.

Don’t use a personal profile but create a business page. Then, start reaching out to other professionals in your niche and engage with followers.  


From gym selfies to training advice and even workouts, it all seems much more natural on Instagram, where it’s all about graphic content.

It’s also a great place for connecting with other influencers and brands for collaboration. Be sure to create a business profile and use the analytics to determine the highest-engagement posting times and types.

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Take Away

Once you set a solid foundation, growing your audience is much less of a challenge. Mixing up your content also keeps things fresh for you, preventing you from getting stuck in a rut where you stop enjoying what you do.

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