Surely you have seen a blue badge on more than one Instagram profile. This means they have a verified account. Instagram verification is one of the techniques used by Instagram to protect people or brands that can be supplanted by other fake accounts. But this famous "blue tic" has become one of the most coveted badges for any brand, celebrity or influencer that boasts it. Also, our influencer platform is offering the possibility of filtering verified accounts, because it is very important for brands and companies to find these types of influencers.

Until mid-2018 it was practically impossible to get this "check." It was Instagram itself who valued and decided who to and who to not assign this verification. It was not a transparent process because we do not know what criteria were followed by the managers of this social network to make those decisions. Now, an option has been opened to users where, through a questionnaire, they can choose to have their profile verified.

What to take into consideration for a verified account

Not every request that receives Instagram every day has approval. Instagram has to verify that you are eligible to enjoy the privilege of having a verified account. To do this, you must take into account the following requirements:

  1. Your account must be real; either personal or brand.
  2. You must comply with the rules. That is, Instagram will not verify disrespectful accounts or those that poorly influence other users.
  3. Do you have enough relevance? If you are an influencer, a celebrity, or a highly sought after brand on the internet, you have many points in your favor.
  4. You must have a relevant volume of followers. However, Instagram does not specify the range.
  5. Are there accounts that are trying to impersonate your identity? This is a great point in favor to get your verification because if there is any other account trying to supplant you, it can be a strong reason to verify your profile.
  6. Don't suggest in your profile other social networks or add links in the biography that redirect to other social networks. Naturally, they don't want to redirect their own traffic to the competition.
  7. It cannot be a general account. As much as it could generate interest or be very popular, general accounts will not be verified, such as @postuereoespanol or @morirderisa.
  8. Finally, it is very important that you have a complete and public profile: with personal and contact information, a profile picture and publications in your feed.
David Dobrik Instagram with verified account

After reading these recommendations and if you really are who you say you are, pay attention. Here we explain how to enter the exclusive club of the verified and what advantages it has to enjoy this privilege.

How to verify my Instagram account?

Verify account on Instagram

Requesting your profile verification is very simple. You just have to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Enter the Instagram account you want to verify.
  2. Once inside your profile, enter the Menu.
  3. Within the menu, select Settings ( Settings ).
  4. Among the options that appear, click on Request verification (Request verification)
  5. Fill out the form that appears on the screen. It's very simple, but make sure you fill it out correctly.
  6. Finally, write your full name and attach your ID or passport.

Once done, just wait for Instagram to accept your request or not. If they accept it, you will receive a notification shortly after making the request and you will be verified. Instagram does not give reasons as to why your profile has not been validated. But do not worry, after 30 days you can try again and see if there’s more luck.

Benefits of having a verified Instagram account

Once you have obtained your verified account, you can enjoy several advantages that, although they may seem insignificant, can be translated into benefits for your personal brand or company:

- You will avoid identity theft and thus protect your image and integrity.         

- Your followers will know at all times who they follow and that the information is true.         

- Verified accounts are more likely to appear in the top positions of searches performed by users and therefore be seen and followed.         

- If you are a brand, you will have a greater reach, which can translate into more sales and more revenue.         

- Your brand image improves as verification always provides an image of a certain status or profile quality.         

- In the case of influencers and celebrities, brands and advertisers are more focused on the profiles that have that "blue tic," which may result in higher revenues.         

How to find verified Instagram accounts with Heepsy

Heepsy offers the possibility of finding influencers who have a verified account. This will save you lots of time because you just have to apply this filter and thousands of accounts will appear. You can also apply other filters as well as "verified accounts" to have a more segmented search.

Here is the verified filter in Heepsy:

As you can see, there are many advantages when you have a verified account. If you are an influencer who has enough authentic followers, you can request this. Also, if you are a brand, it's very beneficial to have the account verified because influencers see that they can trust you. Finally, use Heepsy to find and analyze verified accounts.