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Instagram already offers you the possibility of controlling who and what is commented on in your posts. With the emergence of social networks like Instagram the so-called “trolls” appeared. These are people who are only on social networks to negatively criticize posts and users. How can we hide comments on Instagram?

Along with these so-called trolls, cyberbullying (or Internet harassment) has been added to the misuse of social networks, which, unfortunately, is becoming increasingly popular among young people.

Because of the potential negative aspects of this type of social media use, Instagram has included the possibility of limiting comments on its updates. This means you can choose who can or who cannot comment on your posts. This update offers several ways to protect your account. These options are available to all users of the network.

The first step is understanding that both public and private Instagram accounts allow for the same configuration options.

How to Filter comments: automatic or manual options

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The first option, which has been around for a while now, is the one that filters comments automatically or manually. If activated automatically, Instagram is responsible for hiding comments that may be offensive. The other option is to choose to manually filter comments, which allows you to identify the words, phrases, or emojis. This way you don't see it in your profile comments. When you activate this, another filter appears that allows you to hide comments that contain words or phrases which are negative      

1. Access your profile. 

2. Click on Settings.       

3. Click on Privacy.      

4. Click on Comments.      

5. In Filters, activate the "Hide offensive" switch.      

6. Active the Manual Filter switch and list the words you want or activate the filter for the most reported words.                    

 Filter who can comment on your posts

The second option is to control who may or may not comment on your posts. This is about authorizing certain people to comment. There are several options: for everyone,  the people who follow you and who you follow, only the people you follow, or only the people who follow you. Another option is to block the comments of certain people (you will have to indicate the handle of those people).      

The process is the same as filtering comments, only once in Comments is it a question of determining who you want to allow or block comments from.

Hide all comments from your account

Finally, there is the option to deactivate all comments, without any filter of either people or content.      

Comments on an old post can be deactivated even if it already has comments. At any time, you can reactivate the comments of that publication, and the old comments will reappear and the users will be able to comment again.                    

You can also deactivate comments for a specific post before posting it. In the stage where the tagged people are selected and you can tag the place, there is the option of choosing “advanced settings” and then “deactivate comments.”