Instagram has had incredible growth in recent years and has been due in part to the influencer marketing industry. Knowing the audience of an influencer is key.

This platform has a billion active accounts a month and more than 500 million accounts use Instagram Stories a day.

When the number of active accounts increases, so do the number of influencers. And this is because influencers bring great credibility to the campaigns they share. That is why brands increasingly have influencers when launching a product, an offer, a specific event, etc.

However, a very important part of an influencer marketing campaign is being able to choose the right influencer. How can we know if the followers of an influencer are suitable for a product? With Heepsy, you can analyze the audience of an influencer and be sure the influencer will fit your goals.

The 5 key metrics to consider when analyzing the audience:

Location of the audience

If the product is only sold in the United States, you are interested in knowing if your influencer's audience comes from there. If you have several countries in mind, you should also see if they match the origin of the influencer's followers. In this graph, you can see up to 8 countries from which the audience of the influencer is from. You will also see the percentage of each country and be able to check which country has the most followers.

Influencer Audience location graph in Heepsy

Age of the audience

In this graph, you can see the age of the influencers' followers. You can see that there are different ranges from 13 to 65 years. Here you can also see in what age range most of his followers are distributed.

Influencer Age audience

Gender of the audience

Here you can see the percentage of women and men in the influencer’s audience. In this case, we can see how the majority of his audience is women. If your product is aimed at a female audience, you are interested in this metric to ensure you are going to collaborate with the right influencer.

Influencer Age audience

Interests of the audience

The interests of the audience help reflect what types of tastes or accounts followers of influencers usually have. Thanks to this data, you can see if your product or service fits the interests of the audience of the influencer. For example, if you have a pet product, check to see if one of the categories of interest for an influencer is something such as Dog owner, pet, etc.

Influencer audience interests

Language of the audience

This data is very important to know if the followers of an influencer speak the same language as your target audience. If your brand is aimed at people who speak English, you should see if they have this language reflected.

Influencer audience language audience

Where can you find these metrics in Heepsy

In Heepsy you will find these metrics within the influencer's report. First, use filters to search for influencers. Once you have found the most appropriate influencer, open the report in which you will find these metrics.

These five metrics are very important to be able to select an influencer that will fit the purpose of your campaign and your brand. In addition to the location of the influencer themselves, you have to check that their audience fits with your target country. Similarly, you should check the interests of the audience. You could choose an influencer who is in the Fashion category, but the interests of your audience may not fit. Check the audience of the followers through the influencer reports. Once you have chosen your favorite influencer, contact them!