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How Consistency Helped Kiwoko Get 1.9M Impressions on its Summer Vibes Campaign

Kiwoko is a leading pet brand in Spain. The company manages 140 stores that sell pets and all the supplies you need to keep them happy and healthy. For their influencer marketing, Kiwoko works with Heepsy, and the key to their ongoing success is consistency.


2019 is the second year Kiwoko has chosen us to carry out its annual influencer marketing strategy. For the 2018-2019 period, Kiwoko closed out with a total of 22 campaigns completed throughout the year, and 300 influencers collaborating with the brand. In total, these efforts achieved 13,122,830 impressions, 459,819 interactions, and 6,311 clicks on the brand’s website.

An Instagram post from @turbo_greyhound, one of Kiwoko's pet influencers.

Summer Vibes Campaign 2019

We’ll touch briefly on the estimated results for the campaign, and then explain the influencer marketing strategy we applied to exceed those expectations.

Estimated results

Before starting their campaign, Kiwoko received the estimated results of the campaign. In this case, the estimated results were the following:

- Impressions: 521,308

- Interactions: 15,639

- Clicks: 782

All the campaigns we’ve carried out for Kiwoko to date have paid influencers in product. Product in this instance means a voucher that the brand gives to the influencer so they can buy Kiwoko products of their choice online or in physical stores. In return for these free products, we asked for 1 post and 2-3 stories featuring the purchased products.

At least one of the products purchased by the influencer had to be related to the Summer Vibes campaign. The most purchased products were: swimming pools, refreshing blankets, drinking tools and pet toys that can be put in the fridge.

Finding and contacting influencers

After we had all the conditions and incentives clear, we reached out to influencers that best aligned with the brand and fit this type of collaboration. We wanted to find 100 influencers and primarily looked at pet profiles or profiles of people who regularly go out with their pets on Instagram.

We successfully reached 100 influencers interested in the collaboration. Normally, we would reach out to micro-influencers, who have 5-50K followers. However, there are always profiles with more followers interested in the collaboration, too.

So for the Summer Vibes campaign, we ended up with a bigger range. The profile with the fewest followers had 5K, that with the most had 90K, and the average of all influencers who collaborated on this campaign was 17K. Therefore, you can see that there was still a reliance on micro-influencers.

Publishing guidelines

Once we knew which influencers were interested in the collaboration, we sent them all the necessary information to start publishing:

- Online voucher personalized for each influencer

- At least one product purchased must be from the summer line

- 1 post and 2-3 stories mentioning @kiwoko and using the hashtags #veranokiwoko and #summervibes

- Publication dates: May 23, 2019 - June 16, 2019

After making sure the influencers understood all these guidelines, we added them all to our campaign monitoring tool. We knew that at any time they could start posting, so we didn’t want to miss anything!

Throughout the following month, we continuously monitored the influencers’ publications. In general, we did not force influencers to upload specific publications and texts. It is much more natural, and therefore more effective when you give influencers the creative freedom to communicate to their followers as they best see fit.

An Instagram post from @periclesbarcelona featuring products from Kiwoko's Summer Vibes line.

When the campaign end date was approaching, we sent a reminder to all influencers to verify that everything was in order. We also sent out a special reminder to any of the influencers who hadn’t yet met the publication requirements to remind them to publish. As the campaign was ending soon, we needed them to publish so we could include their results in our report.

Sometimes influencers don’t publish all the agreed-upon content. However, there are also always influencers who publish more than what was previously agreed to. So generally speaking, you balance out, or even end up with more publications than you expected.


With 100 influencers signed up for 1 post and 2-4 stories each, we expected 100 posts and approximately 200-400 stories for the Kiwoko Summer Vibes campaign. Yet the actual results far exceeded this, as influencer participation was much better than expected:

- Influencers: 100

- Posts: 105

- Stories: 616

- Impressions: 1,961,276

- Interactions: 82,556

- Clicks: 4.091


Heepsy helped Kiwoko run a successful campaign through a combination of factors. First, consistency in the brand-agency relationship meant that each side knew the other’s needs and capabilities, leading to a healthy relationship. Second, Heepsy carefully selected influencers based on their category and metrics. And finally, the voucher incentive provided a good opportunity for influencers (and their pets) to choose the Summer Vibes products that most spoke to them, leading to more excitement and by consequence, more engaging content.

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