Tried to find influencers with Heepsy lately? If so, have you noticed anything different about us?

We got a makeover!

We’re proud to announce Heepsy’s new look. User experience is a top priority for us here at Heepsy, so we wanted to make sure that your influencer discovery is as seamless as possible. The entire team worked closely together for months to incorporate those values into the new design.

Heepsy as it now looks after its rebranding in February 2021.

Just to be clear, your plan and subscription status will remain the same. Influencers saved to your lists will still be there. And we’ll still provide you with the same global search capacity and reliable influencer results. We’ll just look better while doing so!

If you haven’t seen the new site yet, hop on over to Heepsy and take a look! We hope you like the new look as much as we do. And keep your eyes peeled for future news, because we have some additional updates that are yet to come!