On May 25th it will be Geek Pride Day, an initiative that started a couple of years ago with the purpose of celebrating Geek Culture. Related to this subject, we have the gamers who have been growing in popularity over the last few years. This people, upload videos online or share content in their profiles about different games, tips and other cool information.  This is the top 10 gamers on Instagram, but there are many profiles out there ready to be discovered.

1º - Pewdiepie

The top gamer in this list and probably in the world is Felix from Pewdiepie, with more than 17 million of followers and an engagement of 9.5%. He is also a comedian, and a gamer - commentator.  His Youtube channel, is the most viewed channel and has been named by Forbes magazine in one of the most influential people in 2016.

PiewDiePie profile's data

2º -  Tyler Blevins  

He is famous because of his alias “Ninja”, and he is an american Twitch streamer and an Internet personality. As of right now, is the most followed person in Twitch and he has there an average of 40,000 viewers per week. On Instagram, he has 14M followers and an engagement of 3.5%.

Tyler Blevins, @ninja profile's data

3º - German Garmendia

German Garmendia has 10.6 million of followers and 5.20% of engagement. He is originally from Chile and his main channel is in Youtube, where he was the first person to get the Diamond button because of the high number of subscriptions to his channel. Apart from this, he is also a music producer with his band Ancud.

German Garmendia profile's data

4º -  El Rubius

Rubén, El rubius is the fourth person of our list, and he has more than 10M of followers and 8.2 % of engagement. He is originally from Spain and his Youtube community has been growing constantly worldwide. Apart from game plays, he also films vlogs, and he is a comedian.

El Rubius profile's data

5º -  Jacksepticeye

Jacksepticeye, is Seán William McLoughlin an Irish youtuber that has a comedy game series called “Let’s Play”. In his Youtube channel, he shares different video games sessions, tips and vlogs. He is the 8th of our list with 6.1M followers and 4.5% of engagement.

Jacksepticeye profile's data

6º - Fernanfloo

Luis Fernando, Fernanfloo is a Salvadoran Youtuber with more than 4.7M of followers and engagement of 10.3%. He is the 22nd most-subscribed channel on Youtube, and he has been doing different collaborations with video games franchises like Resident Evil 2.

Fernanfloo profile's data

7º - Willyrex

Guillermo Diaz Ibañez, better known as Willyrex, is a Spanish Youtube personality and author. He has two different channels in Youtube, and on Instagram he has 4.1M followers and engagement of 4.3%. Over the time, he has 4.35 billion views in total.

Willyrex profile's data

8º - Dantdm

Mark Edward, better known as Dantdm is a Birtish Youtuber that has been in the gaming industry for several years. He has been focusing on different game franchises, especially Minecraft. On Instagram, he has 2.9M of followers and 3% of engagement.

Dantdm profile's data

9º - Mari Takahashi

Mari Takahashi,  is an american Youtuber with more than 800K followers and 2% engagement on Instagram.  She is a member of Smosh Games and she has been uploading videos there regularly, but she also has her own Youtube channel. One fun fact, she is a former professional ballerina.

Mari Takahashi profile's data

10º - Sonja Reid

Last but not least, we have Sonja Reid which has 420K followers and 3.1% of engagement. She posts highlights of different games in Youtube, where she gained popularity very quickly. She also posts vlogs about her life and different partnerships that she does.  

Sonja, @omgitsfirefoxx profile's data

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