Do you think it is normal to have an Instagram account with millions of followers? Or, on the contrary, do you think it is more common to have a much smaller number of followers, such as around 500 followers?

Below, we will discuss the distribution of Instagram users based on their number of users, more commonly known as followers.

Of the total Instagram users, only 2% enjoy the privilege of having more than 5,000 followers and becoming micro influencers. If we begin to increase the number of followers, the percentage reduces considerably.

Approximately 13% of users exceed the figure of 1,000 followers. A very low percentage of the entire existing Instagram population, which according to their own data from 2018, had a billion accounts. Additionally, 77% of Instagram users have less than 500 followers, so most of us fit into this group.

How many followers does an influencer normally have?

Follower distribution on Instagram

Let's analyze the data we have obtained from the entire Heepsy database. Of the more than 7 million influencers in the world, 66% have between 5K - 15K followers. Moreover, 13.84% have between 15K - 25K and 2.8% have between 25K - 35K, which indicates that the number decreased successively. Only 5.7% have 65K or more followers, so the vast majority are in the lower ranks. This data is key when opting for one influencer, and you can see there is a large number to choose from; however, having fewer followers does not mean that a user’s impact will be less.

Today the world of influencer marketing is constantly growing and brands need this type of advertising to make themselves known and launch their products or services. It might seem easy to find ourselves in that 3% of people who have more than 5,000 followers but in reality, it is not. It is necessary to generate attractive and innovative content, as users often complain that influencers generate very similar content, and only with advertising intentions.

The growth of followers on Instagram by influencers is not the same for each and every one of them

In order to have real followers, you must create unique content. Thus should be capable of attracting new people and brands that want to collaborate with you. As Instagram has gained popularity, its number of accounts has grown, and in large part, it has been for the influencer marketing industry. The presence of brands on Instagram has been increasing in recent years. Furthermore, many of them no longer focus on other advertising outside of social networks.

Save time using Heepsy

Companies know that this type of collaboration, between brand and influencer, generates a lot of impressions. That is why they invest money and effort into influencer marketing. This new promotion technique offers very significant results as long as you choose the right influencers. We recommend using a tool that helps you find the right influencers and saves you a lot of time.

Find more about our influencer marketing platform to select the best candidates for your brand. They work to connect companies with leading content creators in the world, while also providing metrics and advanced tools. Heepsy is a tool designed to facilitate this work for companies through a platform that allows you to reach the influencers that best suit your needs.

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