Brands find influencers to spread their reach and increase awareness of their products or services.

Influencers, no matter their follower size, have the opportunity to reach your leads and send them a message suggesting that your products are the best ones out there.

When an influencer endorses your brand, you have more possibilities of increasing sales and traffic to your website or store. Finding the right influencer means that you could reach sales goals set by your company. As difficult as it sounds, our influencer marketing platform can help you find the right influencers according to your brand.

In our latest update, we are introducing audience filters. By using them, you can find those influencers whose audience is aligned with yours. Let's explain our newest filters:

Audience age range

In what age range do your influencer's followers fall? Here, you can decide from different ranges that start at 13 and go to 65. This is essential if you know your audience and you want to make sure it is the same.

Audience location

Use this filter if you want to know from where most of the influencer's audience is. Here, you can add more than one location; just keep in mind that the higher the number of filters, the fewer results you have.

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Audience interests

What do the influencer's followers like? What types of accounts do they usually follow? If you have a Fitness brand, you would want to find an influencer whose audience follows sports brands or are into the Fitness world too.

Audience language

If you communicate your brand or product in one language, when you hire an influencer you should make sure their followers understand that language. Here, you can choose a language to make sure it matches yours.

Audience gender

With this filter, you can find influencers who have an audience of a specific gender. For instance, if you sell women's clothes you should find influencers whose audience is mostly women.

For each filter, you can set up a percentage of how many people of the whole audience fall in that specific category. We recommend you also use other filters to have more niche results. Here is a guide on how to use Heepsy and how to interpret the metrics inside the report.

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Campaign launched, now what?

Once you choose the influencers you like, you contact them offering a proposal, and they say yes, how do you monitor their work? Well, you can ask influencers to send you the media they publish, or you can monitor it on your own. If you've asked the influencer to mention your brand, you should get a notification when they do so. And if you've asked them to include a branded hashtag, you can track the branded hashtag to find all the posts that use it. When in doubt, don't hesitate to reach out to influencers for clarification. Communication is key, after all!

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