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Sweet and delicious treats, is there anything better? Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, or even a savoury bread loaf… I bet your mouth is watering already! But, what has baking got to do with influencer marketing you may ask.

Well, ahead of World Baking Day, not only do we encourage you to search the kitchen for your baking utensils, but to also take a look at some of the most influential bakers on social media right now. Maybe you’d like to take some inspiration for your next recipe, or maybe your brand is interested in working with these bakers for your next influencer campaign.

Whatever may be the case, keep reading to find out more about baking influencers, or to just take a quick look at delicious treats!

What is World Baking Day?

I’m pretty sure that you will have guessed it by now. World Baking Day falls on May 17th each year, after a group of clever individuals decided that the world needs a day dedicated especially to baking and the enjoyment that it brings to us.

Whether you’re baking a cake to take to a friend’s birthday party, making some cookies for your next-door neighbour, or simply heading to the kitchen to try a new recipe to enjoy in front of a movie later – it’s about time that we shared the fun on this day.

Baking is a really great way to spend time with your friends or family, to learn a new hobby, and even to de-stress at the end of a long day. No matter what your previous experience is in the kitchen, World Baking Day encourages everyone to get involved and experience the joy of baking. You’ll maybe even discover a hidden talent!

What are food influencers?

When it comes to influencer marketing, foodies are a big thing. Of course, within the food category there is also the subcategory of bakers. In terms of social media, consumers love to spend time browsing products, services, and wonderful creations. In fact, did you know that on average, people spend two hours a day on social media?   When you think about it, that’s a pretty big chunk of their day behind the screen.

As Instagram is such a visual and creative platform, it’s no surprise that this is the platform where you are likely to find the most food-related content from creators and personalities. Instagram influencers from this category are known for varying types of content.

You are likely to find plenty of delicious recipe ideas, tutorials and foodie tips. But, that’s not all. A huge part of content from food influencers relates to product and service recommendations. This could be recommendations about the best restaurants in your area, or maybe the ideal store to purchase your next whisk from!

Instagram baking account, The Cookie Kitchen Bakery

How can these bakers help your brand?

As a result of last year’s pandemic, people have not only been cooking and baking at home more, but they have also discovered their love for great food and the limitless possibilities of finding it or making it themselves. So, there really is no better time than now to get your food business out there and in front of consumers.

Combined with the increased usage of social media, it’s no wonder that people are turning to their favourite influencers for inspiration, recipes, and recommendations. On the Internet, new trends are constantly arising and blowing up on social media within minutes.

Influencers have the ability to have your brand seen by thousands, if not millions of consumers. What’s even better is that you can create a strategy to work with influencers that can access your exact target audience. Broadcasting a television advert may instantly reach a large number of consumers, but will it necessarily reach those definitely interested in your product?

Choosing to work with influencers of the food category means that you can guarantee that your content will be seen by an audience of people that are interested in this area. For an even more targeted approach, you can ensure that your content is seen by a specific demographic of consumers such as a dedicated age category or location.

How to search for the Food category and the "baker" keyword on Heepsy.

Think about your strategy

If your marketing strategy needs a boost, then you’ve come to the right place. Considering an influencer marketing strategy with food influencers is definitely a wise choice. But, there’s more to it than just asking influencers to promote your brand. You need to plan a great strategy for the best results.

First of all, you need to think about your objectives. Why are you wanting to commence an influencer marketing campaign? Maybe you want to increase brand awareness, to improve your content strategy, or to quite simply drive sales. Whatever may be the case, it’s important to outline these goals from the start.

The next important step to defining your campaign is to determine your target audience, budget, and timeline. All of these elements are essential to finding the right influencers and deciding on the right type of content for your campaign. Do you want to reach a new age group of consumers? Maybe attract people from a different location? Are you sticking to a particular season or event? These are all aspects critical to address before searching for influencers.


One of the most popular strategies in the influencer marketing industry is to work with giveaways. Consumers take well to the chance of winning free stuff. I mean, who doesn’t, especially when it is tasty treats!

You could consider asking a food influencer to post content about your brand, offering a free product or experience from your business for their followers to win. For example, if you are trying to gain exposure to your restaurant, think about offering a meal for two for the lucky winner.


When picking up the baking utensils, most of us non-expert bakers will follow a recipe in the hope of having the perfectly risen muffins. So, what better way to get your brand’s products out there than to have them included in a recipe?

Food influencers will regularly post the recipe details to their very best meals and treats. Therefore, a popular strategy for food-related brands is to ask that an influencer promotes their product within the recipe.  

A branded post from a food influencer on Instagram.


Tutorials are always popular amongst influencers, whatever their field of expertise. Before buying a product or service, consumers like to know exactly how it works and to see it in action first. This type of content will most likely be published as a video, maybe as an Instagram post, a Reel, or on IGTV, to name a few.

Try asking relevant influencers to incorporate your product into their cooking or baking tutorial. For example, your company could be selling essential baking ingredients such as butter. Ask the influencer if they would use your brand’s butter in their next tutorial for gooey chocolate brownies!

Some food influencers to inspire you


Boston recipe guru, Caitlin Greene, is the one to follow for some colourful and nutritious meal ideas. From poke bowls and green salads, to fried rice or creamy pasta dishes, you’ll find a meal for every day of the week on Caitlin’s profile!

The Instagram profile for @starinfinitefood


Are you vegan, dairy free, gluten free, paleo, or following any other type of specialised diet? Look no further. Jessica is passionate about ensuring her bakes are inclusive to those with all sorts of dietary requirements. But don’t worry, they are just as indulgent!

A post from baking influencer @realfoodwithjessica.


Needing some inspiration to swap out your morning cereal for something far more exciting? Check out Laura’s Instagram page, where you will find morning muffins, baked oats, and crepes to kick off your day in the perfect way. Laura is another baker that provides recipes for gluten and dairy free baking enthusiasts.

Some Instagram posts from a baking influencer.


Whether you came to this article as a brand, influencer, or just for a peek at some yummy cakes and biscuits, I hope that you found the inspiration you were looking for. You’re just in time for World Baking Day, and I would encourage you to celebrate it by heading to the kitchen with some friends and whipping up something delicious!

Remember, if you’re a brand that is looking to find influencers within the food or baking categories, then Heepsy is the place to get started. Why not check out our article on Instagram updates to help your food business, for some tips on getting started with your campaign.