Today, there are different platforms that can help you with your everyday advertising campaigns, task organization, communication management with customers, and web traffic analysis.

In this guide, we offer you a list of the top 8 essential platforms yo grow your business in 2020.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, perhaps you are thinking of strategies to achieve new goals in your business. The evolution of digital technology has changed the business and financial horizon across the world. The consumer no longer buys a product or service in the same way and now there is even more competition. Find out which platforms you should use:

1. Heepsy

Have you started doing influencer marketing campaigns yet? 2020 is definitely a good time to begin. Companies that understand influencer marketing generate $18 for every dollar invested and those with less knowledge generate an average of $5.20. Not only that, companies are expected to invest $6.5 billion dollars in influencer marketing for 2020. With Heepsy, you can search and analyze more than 11 million followers’ influencers with 5K or more. This platform is the most complete in terms of a number of influencers, filters, and advanced metrics so you will save a lot of time for your business.

It is a fact that influencer marketing works for any type of industry and it is not necessary to have a high budget to be able to run an influencer marketing campaign. Instagram was the fastest-growing social network in 2019, so an influencer marketing campaign that uses this channel is the best option. Start looking for the influencers that best fit your strategy and your brand and offer them the opportunity to collaborate with you. The type of collaboration can be very different: from product delivery in exchange for a publication to an invitation to an event to a weekend experience in a hotel, etc. In this article, you can discover the 7 best types of influencer marketing campaigns.

Heepsy is the best platform to grow your business in 2020

2. Hypetrail

Now that you have launched the campaign, you will need a tool that helps you monitor the content that is being created and the results generated by influencers. Thanks to Hypetrail, you can add the details of your campaign and it automatically saves all posts and stories that influencers are sharing on Instagram. If you add the cost of the campaign, the results will calculate ROI.

With this platform, you will save a lot of time individually monitoring your influencer marketing campaigns. If you want to learn how to use Hypetrail, check out this tutorial.

Hypetrail is one of the best 8 platforms to grow your business in 2020

3. First Promoter

If you're looking for a way to grow your business, you can launch First Promoter to create an affiliate or referral program. These programs are designed so that people who are users (or not) of your business recommend your platform.

In a company like SaaS it is very common to use such programs because, in this way, the person who is an affiliate receives a percentage of purchases generated by your piece of content. From the platform, you can monitor what each affiliate generates and the traffic generated by each of them.   If you use First Promoter, we recommend that you show information on your web page about the program and the types of materials an affiliate can use. This would be an example of an affiliation program for a SaaS environment.

Firstpromoter is one of the 8 platforms to grow business in 2020

4. Asana

This platform will help your team with work management. This step is essential when growing your business since it is often difficult to manage tasks in teams. With Asana, you can create tasks, prioritize them, and assign them to a team member. It also allows you to create different work teams and as the tasks are completed, you can see their results. In order for your company to grow, you will need the team to work more productively and with Asana you will be able to verify that there are no duplicate tasks.

With this platform, you can have all the projects that are being created in one place and see their progress. This way, you can clearly see if the objectives are being met. Asana is used by companies of all types, so we recommend using this platform if you want to grow your business in 2020.

Asana homepage, one of 8 best platforms to grow business in 2020

5. Loom or another video sharing tool

Videos are a form of communication that many companies are using. Users tend to remember more information through a video than text, and that is why it is necessary to create videos when it comes to boosting your business. Loom might be the most well-known video sharing tool out there, but there are plenty of Loom alternatives, too. Investigate to find out which is the best fit for your team.

With Loom, you can simultaneously use your screen and camera, making it a very effective way to demonstrate the potential of your product or service. You can send an email to a lead in which you demonstrate, with a video, how they can adapt your product to their strategy. If you have many leads but a low level of conversion, you can make pre-recorded demos in which you show your product to different customers, wasting less time organizing an individual meeting.

Loom has an extension for your Chrome browser to speed up the recording process from any tab. Also, within your own Loom account, you can see the visualizations that each video has, edit videos, and download them to your computer.

Loom video platform to use in 2020

6. Intercom

Many times you think that your product adapts to the needs of your customers but when evaluating sales, it does not seem to be enough. The attention to the customer is essential for any business because users may have doubts about your product before buying it. Not only that, many times customers can send you opinions of what they expect from your product and then you can make the necessary changes. With Intercom, you can install a chat option on your website and thus offer help to customers who need it.

Also, this platform allows you to "qualify" for leads, retain customers through email automation, and create a section with content to help users navigate your site. All of this will grow your business and improve the conversion ratio. If you do not have Intercom installed yet, it is one of the most essential platforms improve your business.

8 best platforms to grow business in 2020 Intercom

7. Sendgrid

If you want to keep your customers and leads up to date with product updates, discounts, and other strategies to reach leads, sending periodic emails is a very necessary step to keep in mind for growth.

Through Sendgrid you can use templates to create transactional emails, newsletters, or automated emails depending on the user’s interaction. You can see the metrics of each user and view the traffic they have generated. We recommend you attach a utm to the newsletters or promotional emails. Google Analytics can help you analyze what type of audience and purchases each affiliate is creating. Sendgrid is one of the best platforms for email marketing.

Sendgrid 8 best platforms to grow your business in 2020

8. Canva

Most of the platforms mentioned above require content design on social networks or the web. If you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, Canva offers templates for each of the channels you use. For instance, you can make an Instagram post about the collaboration you are doing with an influencer. Furthermore, you can make a design for your newsletters or add a design for email promotion.

The designs that you do on your channels are many times what attracts leads to your website. Therefore, you have to use the right tools to create a design that is striking to your customers. With this platform, you can create dynamic designs without having experience in this sector.

For any type of industry or size of your company. These tools will grow your business while improving processes and tasks. Do not wait another minute; discover all the possibilities that each of these platforms can offer you.

Canva platform to grow business
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