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You may be stepping into the world of influencer marketing and wondering, are there any good tools out there that I can take advantage of? Whether you’re new to this marketing method or not, campaign success is no doubt at the forefront of your goals.

Below, we will take a look at some of the best tools available, being used by millions of users every single day.


In this new era of social media marketing, the importance of influencers cannot be overlooked. If you are currently working on an influencer marketing campaign, or thinking about taking the leap, then the use of an influencer marketing platform such as Heepsy is going to really boost the performance of your campaign.

Heepsy is a platform which can be used by brands and businesses to find influencers to suit your profile, and to look at features such as audience authenticity metrics to create trusted collaborations and support a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing tool Heepsy.

Google Analytics

As an entirely free tool to help businesses make better decisions by looking at the data, this is really where any small brand or business should start. Yes, you read that right, it’s completely free. This fully comprehensive tool does not charge for use of specific features or usage time, so it really is a must have!

As one of the most popular analytics tools on the market, Google Analytics has a simplistic design, in the very easy-to-use Google style. It gives you an in-depth analysis of the online behaviour of your website or app visitors, looking at details such as how long they stay on your website, and what pages they click on.

A screenshot from Google Analytics, one of the best tools for influencer marketing


Once downloaded, Crowdfire is a social media management app that is literally right at your fingertips for all of your social media content needs. This platform is aimed at businesses and influencers, offering social media support with scheduling, engagement, social listening, analytics and CRM services, to help drive the best results out of your advertisements.

For Instagram Influencers, this app is a time-saving trick, helping to ensure that influencers are posting at the best time for their audience, even when they’re not available to be right behind the screen.


Yet Another Mail Merge or ‘YAMM’, is a Google Sheets add-on, used as a solution to sending personalised emails, newsletters and similar marketing content to multiple people, and a must-have tool for the common marketer. In influencer marketing, you will regularly be sending out emails or messages to numerous influencers at once. This is where YAMM becomes your best friend, being able to personalise each email, without having to go through them one-by-one.

There are just three easy steps to follow. Firstly, you will need to put the email addresses of your contacts into Google Sheets, followed by choosing your email template in Gmail and adding personalisation where need be, then once you send your email from Google Sheets, it can be tracked to see who it has been opened by, when it has been clicked on, or replied to.

A screenshot from YAMM, a Gmail add-on used in influencer marketing

Gmail Canned Responses

By enabling this feature from Gmail, it allows you to create several email templates in your inbox, meaning that there is no need to be copying the same response repeatedly to multiple emails. Gmail Canned Responses is another free and easy-to-use feature provided by Google, which can be used by following a few quick steps.

As a business or an influencer, it is likely that your inbox will be flooded with emails that could take an unrealistic number of hours to get through. But, with this tool from Google, you can make as many templates as you need, replying to common emails with a response of your choosing.

A screenshot from Gmail Canned Responses, a Gmail add-on for marketers

Campaign URL Builder

If you’re working on an influencer marketing campaign, or looking at social media marketing in general, then you will know the importance of following your web traffic and understanding where people are visiting your website from. So, ensuring that you have the right utm’s in the content being published is a must-do step.

Google have pulled through once again, offering the free Campaign URL Builder tool within Google Analytics, to allow you to create a URL for your campaign – allowing you to see who is visiting your website, what they have clicked on, and where they have been previously to end up on your page.

Instagram Insights

If you’re not already using Instagram Insights, then this really is one of the first tools that you need to get on board with when specifically using Instagram marketing. This is an in-app tool that lets those with a business profile view analytics from their posts and profile, helping to improve marketing efforts by understanding their audience better.

To be able to access this feature, you must know how to change your Instagram to a professional account. You must have a connected Facebook business profile and then from here, it’s pretty simple. After linking your Facebook account to Instagram, and setting your profile to public, head to the settings on your profile page and tap ‘switch to business profile’.

A screenshot from Instagram Insights, a tool for influencer marketing provided in-app by Instagram

Display Purpose

To put it simply, Daily Purpose is a hashtag generator. The site is very user friendly and is free to use. The tool is essential for brands or influencers wanting to make the most of their advertisement on social media platforms through the use of popular hashtags.

Thinking of the right hashtags can be hard, and sometimes we can forget the importance of doing so. But, hashtags can help your post spread across a wider audience and be viewed by people across the globe in search of the same ideas.


To sum up, stepping into influencer marketing couldn’t be any easier with the help of these essential tools, and with many others that are out there. Just take a look around and you’ll be ready to begin your next campaign in no time!