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Today's brands and companies are aware of the new digital trends that are emerging, one of the most popular being the one called influencer marketing. In B2B influencer marketing is where a company seeks to carry out a collaborative campaign with an influencer with the goal that other brands or companies can become their customers.

The way in which content is created for B2B is not the same as B2C, since it is designed to attract people, rather than focused on attracting other companies. Here we are going to describe 6 tips to create and improve your campaign’s influencer marketing B2B:

1. Search and choose which influencers best suit your strategy and brand

What does your business do? Do you know the kind of audience do you have? What type of values can be related to your type of business? All these questions are fundamental to be able to search for and choose those influencers that have good connections with suitable brands for your business.

On platforms to find influencers, you can save time looking for influencers with more than 5K followers, since it allows you the option to apply different filters directly and refine the search much more.

2. Define the collaboration message

Here, it is very important to decide what type of message you want to tell to your customers and what objective you have as a company. Your team must keep the message clear, so the influencers that you are collaborating with don’t have any questions.

3. Choose the channel where you are going to spread your message

What type of network will you use to spread your message? Analyze each network; although Instagram is the most commonly used social network to influence B2B marketing, LinkedIn can be your best ally. Twitter can also be a platform to spread influencer marketing campaigns in B2B. Perhaps you may even prefer to spread your message at an event or a conference.

4. What budget do you have?

Your company must set the amount that it is going to spend on this campaign. Here, you have to take into account the different expenses that may arise when hiring an influencer and what you usually charge for the campaign, depending on the number of times you will publish, the influencer's own cache, etc. If you are going to work with an agency, you need to know that there might be extra fees.

5. Maintain constant communication throughout the campaign

Once you choose the influencer, explain your ideas but leave freedom so they can create content, because each influencer has a “theme” in the way that they share their content. Maintain a cordial relationship so that in the future you can collaborate again.

6. Measure the results.

Social media networks in b2b influencer marketing

Define the metrics that you will have to evaluate later. The number of impressi-ons, the number of times you shared the post on LinkedIn, or the times that people have gone to your website can be key metrics to know if your campaign has worked well or not. An important part to take into account is also the feedback of the influencer.

Perhaps there is an idea that may arise after the campaign; talk to the influencer so you can try to implement it in the future.

This type of B2B marketing is increasingly being used by companies, and now may be a good time to get to know these types of techniques. Have you ever done an influencer marketing campaign for B2B? Let us know about your experience!