Certified Nurse’s Day is March 19th, and there hasn’t been a better year in recent history to celebrate the contributions of nurses to our society. To do so, we used Heepsy’s keyword search to find influencers who are also nurses, so that we could highlight them here..

What is a certified nurse?

In the United States, there are a few different types of nursing licenses. The most common type is a registered nurse, or RN. However, if a nurse wants to complete further education in a specialty area, they can go on to get certified, and therefore become a certified nurse.

Certified nurses are therefore nurses that have specialized training in some area, like obstetrics or emergency medicine.

What is Certified Nurses Day?

Certified Nurses Day falls every March 19th. This date was chosen because it was the birthday of Dr. Margretta Madden Styles. Dr. Styles helped establish national standards for certifying nurses in different medical specialties. She was also a driving force behind the International Council of Nurses with respect to nursing regulation around the world.

The designation of this day is meant to celebrate the achievements of certified nurses, as well as honor all they do for their patients.

How to search for nurses on Heepsy

If you specifically wanted to find nurses while using Heepsy, there are a few ways you could do it.

You could search using the Health category, although that includes all influencers somehow related to the health industry. You might not find nurses easily, because you’ll have doctors, pharmacists, wellness coaches and more mixed in.

A better way to search for a niche as specific as nurses is with the keyword search. Plug in “nurse” or “certified nurse” or whatever you want to find, and then use the search filters to refine the query.

The results you see for this search will be profiles that include the keyword in some way, and the results will be more filtered for what you want.

Influencers to celebrate on Certified Nurses Day

Nurses can be influencers, too. Some nurses on social media post about their lives and careers, offering advice and inspiration to future nurses. But others focus on their various hobbies or passion projects. Let’s take a look at five examples of the nurses you can find using Heepsy.

Even though they might not have the same certifications, we’ve included registered nurses in our list, as well. It only seemed fair after all the work they too have put in this past year looking after us during the ongoing pandemic.

Sarah, ADN RN (@shesinscrubs)

Sarah is, according to her Instagram bio, a nurse trying to change the world. She posts advice for both nurses and content creators, and highlights problems that nurses deal with on a regular basis. Additionally, Sarah collaborates with brands like @wearefigs and @justteayourself.

  • Followers: 79K
  • Growth rate: 2.0% in the last four weeks
  • Engagement: 4.3% (very high)
An Instagram post from @shesinscrubs, one of the nurses we're celebrating on Certified Nurse's Day.

Jordan Harper, FNP-C, CANS (@jordanharper_np)

Jordan is a board-certified nurse practitioner, skincare guru, and cosmetic injector. She runs Barefaced Skin Shop, and on her personal account posts a mix of beauty, skincare and mommy content. Her following has been growing steadily since 2018, and she’s worked with brands like @envypillow and @thegoodnightco.

  • Followers: 118K
  • Growth rate: 6.8% in the last four weeks
  • Engagement: 2.2% (high)
An Instagram post from @jordanharper_np, one of the nurses we're celebrating on Certified Nurse's Day.

Gaby (@gaby_runs_the_world)

Gaby is an ER nurse, but her Instagram focuses mainly on running and cycling. This Dutch athlete has competed in the Berlin, New York and Boston marathon, and has her eyes set on Chicago, Tokyo and London’s races next. Just be careful; more than half of her active audience use Dutch as a first language; only 25% use English.

  • Followers: 8K
  • Growth rate: 0.8% in the last four weeks
  • Engagement: 5.5% (very high)
A Heepsy language analysis for @gaby_runs_the_world, one of the nurses we're celebrating on Certified Nurse's Day.

Nurse Julia (@thenursejulia)

Atlanta-based Julia is a board certified nurse practitioner and mentor, who posts content designed to inspire nurses and advocate for general health and wellbeing. She’s worked with big brands you wouldn’t think of for the typical influencer collaborations, like insurance company @massmutual and communications giant @verizon.

  • Followers: 30.8K
  • Growth rate: 1.1% in the last four weeks
  • Engagement: 2.4% (high)
Instagram posts from @thenursejulia, one of the nurses we're celebrating on Certified Nurse's Day.

Jake Luis (@_jakeluis)

Jake is a registered nurse who’s currently working towards his psych certification. His profile places special emphasis on mental wellbeing for LGBTQIA+ & BIPOC people. He’s also interested in interior design and traveling, and these passions show through in his content. He’s teamed up with brands like @wellsfargo, which at the end of last year, donated $5 for every post thanking nurses for being heroes in 2020.

  • Followers: 8.4K
  • Growth rate: -0.3% in the last four weeks
  • Engagement: 1.1% (average)
Instagram posts from @_jakeluis, one of the nurses we're celebrating on Certified Nurse's Day.


Before we wrap up, we have one caveat: if you’re a brand looking to promote medical or sanitary products, check that advertising laws in your country allow it. As a recent example, a Spanish NGO denounced influencers for advertising teeth whitening strips, in alleged violation of laws related to the advertising of these types of products.

Also, when you want to search for specific niches on Heepsy, remember to try out the keyword search. Try a variety of keywords related to what you’re looking for, as different influencers may describe themselves in different ways.

Finally, we just want to say a big thank you to all the nurses out there working hard to keep us well during these trying times.