Choosing “the best dancers” currently on social media is obviously a bit of a subjective process. Dance is an art, and like all art forms, different people have different tastes.

So, apart from personal preference, how can you say some dancers are better than others? Look at their performance! Their social media performance.

National Dance Day is this Saturday, September 18th. In honor of this day, I’ve used Heepsy to find 10 of the best dancers on social media right now. And I’ve used influencer statistics like follower count, engagement rate, and audience authenticity as criteria, so you only see profiles who are able to back up their dance performances with healthy performance metrics.

The best dancers on social media

Isabella Boylston

Isabella is a principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater in New York City. That in and of itself is already a full-time job and an incredible achievement. Yet Isabella also manages to maintain a TikTok account with 362K followers and 12.8% engagement.

Her videos give us a glimpse into the life of a professional ballerina while still maintaining the whimsy that TikTok is known for bringing to dance. She’s also at @isabellaboylston on Insta and Isabella Boylston Official on YouTube.


Like I said before, it’s difficult to say for sure who are the best dancers on social media. But Nortorok for sure brings something unique: he not only dances but animates himself while doing it.

His special take on TikTok moves has earned him 382K followers and an engagement rate of 16.9%. You can also find him at @nortorok on Instagram.

Kyle Hanagami

Kyle is a choreographer who’s helped artists like Britney Spears, BlackPink and Justin Bieber perfect their moves. 1.2M people follow him on TikTok for his routines and tutorials.

Kyle enjoys 9% engagement on TikTok, and 7.4% on Instagram (@kylehanagami), where he has 1.6M followers.

Kristina Makushenko

On her TikTok, Kristi says she is an “Aqua Queen on Heels,” and that probably gives you a clue about what her profile is all about. Why dance stuck on the floor when you could dance floating in the water?

Kristina is a 4-time world champion in artistic swimming, and she takes dance to new heights (or, well, depths) with her social media content. She’s got 1.2M followers and 11.8% engagement on TikTok, and is also on Instagram as @kristimakusha.

Morgan Bullock

If you think of Irish step dance, you probably imagine Riverdance. And you’re not wrong. But Morgan Bullock’s TikTok profile might give you a new perspective on this style of folk dance. Despite being a Riverdance cast member herself, Morgan mashes up step dancing with pop music to give us a fresh take on the style.

On TikTok she has 73K followers and 29% engagement, and you can catch her on Instagram too, at @morgvnelizabeth.

Kamil Szpejenkowski

Kamil, better known on TikTok as Sfinks (@dancingsfinks) is a Polish dancer known for sliding–literally–across plazas, traffic crossings, and other public places. And in addition to catching the attention of bystanders, Sfinks has grown a TikTok following of 1.9M people.

Sfinks is on Instagram too (@dance_sfinks_official). He’s clearly inspired by Michael Jackson’s tradewalk move, the moonwalk, and regularly features Jackson’s music in his content.


@matisseazul has a highly-engaged (21.2%) 1M-strong audience on TikTok. She dances folklorico, or Mexican folk dancing. Couple this with Azul’s folklorico outfits and you get a TikTok feed that’s highly visual and celebrates Azul’s Mexican heritage at the same time.

She also makes memes about the Mexican experience. Visit her on TikTok or Instagram, where she’s also @matisseazul.

Melissa Becraft

Melissa is an NBA dancer with 984K followers on TikTok who created the ABBA GimmeGimme dance challenge that went around TikTok a while back. Her videos often reference pop culture, including famous choreographies, movies, or songs.

Melissa is based in New York City and also works as a model. She publishes to TikTok and Instagram Reels as @melissabecraft.

Matt Steffanina

This choreographer has 3.9M followers on Instagram, 6.9M on TikTok, and 12.8M on YouTube. In addition to keeping those 3 social media accounts active and engaged, Matt also runs DNCR, an online dance academy.

Matt has worked with Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo, and also appeared on So You Think You Can Dance?

Charli D’Amelio

I couldn’t finish this list without Charli. Even if her profile isn’t purely dedicated to dance anymore, she started out that way. Charlie was a competitive dancer before she started her TikTok channel.

Now, this 17-year-old is the top TikTok influencer: with 124M fans, she’s the most-followed person on the platform. This has solidified her as a TikTok trendsetter, and what she posts can have a ripple effect on other profiles. Charli has collaborated with other TikTok influencers, big-name brands, and even celebrities.

How to find the best dancers on social media

Want to find the best dancers on this list or other dancers on social media? You can do this in 2 ways.

If you just want to watch some fun content, just search for “dance” on your favorite social network. Each network is slightly different with how and what it lets you search, but generally speaking, you’ll need some keywords or hashtags related to what you want to find.

Or, if you’re searching for the best dancers for an influencer marketing campaign, you could use Heepsy, instead. With Heepsy, search for influencers in the Dance category, or who use keywords related to the type of dance you want to find.

You can then filter your search to see influencers from a specific location, or weed out those with low engagement rates.


Dancing has been a major trend on social media the last few years, especially with the explosion of TikTok influencers and their content. These are just a few of the best dancers I’ve found on social media, but there are many more out there to be discovered!

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