Optimize Your Experience with the Heepsy Starter Plan

The Heepsy Starter Plan is the first of our paid subscription plans. With the Starter Plan’s affordable price, even small businesses can access over 11 million Instagram influencers, Youtube influencers, and TikTok influencers.

If you’re new to Heepsy and are currently working with or considering our Starter Plan, we wanted to help you learn how to get the most out of it. Keep reading to learn all about how to optimize your experience with our Starter Plan.

Who is the Starter Plan best for?

This plan was designed with small campaigns in mind. This plan works well for:

  • Small businesses and startups who want to try out influencer marketing
  • Entrepreneurs or business owners who need a budget-friendly way to get known
  • Small marketing agencies that want to try out a new tool

The idea of the Starter Plan is to let anyone participate in influencer marketing. Because you don’t need to be a multinational company to run an influencer campaign.

The Power of the Starter Plan

The power of the Starter Plan is broken down into three primary areas: the search engine, the influencer metrics, and the customizable lists.

Search functions in the Starter Plan

The Starter Plan unlocks the basic search capabilities that exist within Heepsy. These search filters will help you narrow down your results so that you find the influencers that are relevant to your campaign. 

Search using the following filters:

  • Category – Choose the area of interest of influencers, like fashion or vegan
  • Location – Define the country, region, and city where you want to search for influencers
  • Follower count – Specify how many followers you want the influencers to have
  • Publications – Search for influencers by post frequency or the date of their last post
A screenshot showing the filters included in the Heepsy Starter Plan: Category, Location, Followers, and Publications.
The filters inside the green box are the ones included in the Heepsy Starter Plan.

Influencer profiles & analytics in the Starter Plan

Once you have some results, you can review influencer profiles to check out their core metrics. These include:

  • Engagement rate – the level of interaction between an influencer and their audience
  • Photo/video most metrics – average likes and comments on their posts
  • Follower growth rate – how their followers have grown over time
  • Post frequency – the influencer’s rate of publication
  • Comments/likes ratio – comparison of average comments to likes
  • Followers/following ratio – comparison of the influencer’s followers to the number of people they follow
A screenshot showing an influencer profile and the engagement rate metric, one of the core metrics included in the Heepsy Starter Plan.
Influencer @schultzzie as seen on Heepsy.

These stats give you a general sense of the health of the influencer’s profile. Moreover, Heepsy gives you some helpful hints along the way for spotting fake influencers.

Customizable lists

Lists are another great feature that Heepsy offers. With the Starter Plan, you can organize influencers into customizable lists. Then, compare them with your other results. You can also add notes, statuses, and comments to help keep track of your relationship with each influencer.

Heepsy search tool
A screenshot of Lists, which you can use in the Heepsy Starter Plan.
In Lists, you can add statuses, comments, and ratings to the influencers you’ve saved.

How can you maximize your Starter Plan experience?

Now that you understand what the Starter Plan is capable of, let’s get into some tips to help you make the most of it. 

Define your campaign goals clearly before searching

Any marketing campaign needs a clear, defined goal. It also needs a strategy that outlines how you plan to achieve that goal. If you start searching for influencers on Heepsy without having a clear goal in mind, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for, as you don’t know what you’re looking for!

Therefore, before you hit search, make sure you’ve answered these questions:

  • What do I want to get out of this campaign?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • How many influencers do I plan to hire and on what network?
  • What can I offer influencers as incentive?
  • What’s the key message I want to emphasize about my product or brand?

This list isn’t exhaustive. If you need more tips for how to define your campaign, visit our Influencer Marketing Guide, Chapter 2

See if you have potential influencers that are already fans

A good way to supplement your influencer search on Heepsy is to see if there are influencers who already follow you on social media. This strategy is a particularly good starting point for brands just starting out in influencer marketing.

Take a look through your follower bases on the social network where you want to launch your campaign. Do you see any followers who have a decent follower base of their own? Do they look like they could help you meet your campaign goals?

If you find someone who looks promising, you can then pop on over to Heepsy to check out their stats

Use Heepsy to find nano and micro influencers

You may be tempted to look for influencers with hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. But that’s not necessarily the best path to follow!

If you’re using the Starter Plan because you’re a local business, startup or small agency, then there’s a truth you must face: top influencers are very expensive. In fact, top influencers aren’t always the best investment for even very large companies.

Why? It all comes down to engagement, which is the level of interest between an influencer and their audience. Nano and micro influencers, who have under 50K followers, consistently have the highest engagement levels. This means that although they reach fewer people, the people they do reach are genuinely interested in what they have to say. 

The added bonus of nano and micro influencers is that they’re affordable options for marketing campaigns. You can close collaborations with them in exchange for free products, services, or experiences offered by your brand.

Keep organized with lists

One final tip to help you make the most of your Starter Plan is to stay organized. Use Heepy’s lists to keep track of the influencers you’re interested in and to compare them easily. In Lists you can add:

  • Ratings – to describe your experience working with an influencer
  • Comments – to add notes about your experience, or maybe details about your collaboration, or whatever you need to remember
  • Statuses – to mark the status of the collaboration, like proposal accepted, proposal rejected, or more
A screenshot showing how to add Notes to a List, a feature included in the Heepsy Starter Plan.
Adding Notes on Lists with the Heepsy Starter Plan.


The Starter Plan is a great way to, well, get started in influencer marketing. It allows businesses of all sizes to participate in influencer marketing and reap its benefits.

If you’re not sure if the Starter Plan is the plan for you, check out our Pricing Page. There, you can compare our available plans and decide which is the best fit for your brand or agency. And if you think another plan may better fit your needs, you can read about the Heepsy Business Plan and Heepsy Gold Plan on our blog.

Kate works on the Marketing team at Heepsy as a content writer. When she's not online you can find her traveling or trying out a new recipe.
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