Maximize the ROI on Your Heepsy Gold Plan

The Heepsy Gold Plan is definitely appropriately named. It gets the gold star for being the most comprehensive of our plans. And when used well, it can help you turn your influencer marketing campaigns into gold! 

The Gold Plan lets you search and analyze over 11 million Instagram influencers, Youtube influencers, and TikTok influencers. Keep reading to learn who this plan best suits, what it’s capable of, and how to maximize your investment.

Who is the Heepsy Gold Plan best for?

Heepsy Gold is the most extensive plan, designed for large-scale campaigns. It’s our best plan for:

  • Big brands who utilize a heavy volume of influencer marketing
  • Marketing agencies who need to find influencers for various clients
  • Teams working together on multiple influencer campaigns, who want a collaborative platform

The power of the Heepsy Gold Plan

We’ve already covered what’s included in the Heepsy Starter Plan and the Heepsy Business Plan. Gold incorporates everything from those plans and adds some additional features.

Search functions in the Heepsy Gold Plan

A screenshot showing that all search filters are included in the Heepsy Gold Plan.

With the Gold Plan you have access to all search filters:

  • Category – Search for influencers who post about specific content categories like food or beauty
  • Location – Find influencers from certain countries, regions, or cities
  • Followers – Define the number of followers you want the influencer to have
  • Publications – Choose the post frequency or date of the last post
  • Engagement – See influencers with a specific engagement score or percentage
  • Contact – Find influencers who are verified, have public emails, or a presence on other networks
  • Audience – Set parameters related to the demographics of the influencer’s audience
  • Authenticity – Select a certain quality score or percentage of real audience
  • Promotional Activity – Specify the cost estimate or percentage of branded posts

A screenshot of the authenticity filter, one of the filters included in the Heepsy Gold Plan.

As a Gold client, you can make use of the full Heepsy search potential. And for more about the audience filter, see the tips section below.

Influencer profiles & analytics

When you search on Heepsy, results come up as influencer profiles. On an influencer’s profile, you can see: 

  • Engagement rate – the level of interaction between an influencer and their audience
  • Photo/video most metrics – average likes/comments
  • Follower growth rate – how the influencer as gained followers over time
  • Post frequency – rate of publication
  • Comments/likes ratio – how many comments an influencer has to likes
  • Followers/following ratio – the comparison of followers to following
  • Audience demographics – age, gender, country, language and interests of the audience
  • Audience authenticity – percentage of audience that looks like fake followers
  • Branded content – stats about how the influencer’s previous branded content has performed
A screenshot of the audience authenticity metric, which is only included in the Heepsy Gold Plan.
The Heepsy Gold Plan is the only one that includes Audience Insights.

Customizable lists

The lists feature lets you organize your search results right in Heepsy. Create lists for your different campaigns, save influencers to them, and even download them as XLS or CSV files.

You can work with multiple lists, which you’ll find listed at the right hand side of the lists panel.

A screenshot of Lists showing all the created lists at the left.
You can use different lists to help you stay organized.

How to maximize your Heepsy Gold Plan experience

If you’re using Heepsy Gold, you probably already know plenty about influencer marketing and how to manage campaigns. But, we’ve put together a few tips just in case you’re keen on learning a bit more about how to get everything you can out of the Gold Plan. 

Heepsy search tool

Use a common brand email to set up your Heepsy account

Through the years we’ve had a lot of requests for help with logging in. And we’ve noticed a mistake that some big brands and marketing agencies make. 

Don’t set up your Heepsy account with an individual person’s email address. Why? Because if that person leaves the company, you might have trouble later getting into your account. And while we’re happy to help, you lose time that could be spent setting up your campaigns.

So, instead of an email like name@brand, use one that multiple team members have access to, like marketing@brand or accounts@brand. And if it’s absolutely necessary that an individual uses their email to set up your account, make sure coworkers know the password. 

Create an influencer search party

The Heepsy Gold Plan gives you access to the platform via several devices simultaneously. There’s nothing mysterious here; it’s simply a nice feature to have if you’re working with a team to find and manage influencers.

When using Heepsy, it’s best to search different categories separately. For example, if you’re looking for beauty or skincare influencers, it’s better to search for those two independently of each other. And with the Gold Plan, you can have multiple colleagues tackling different tasks at once!

Strike for your target audience right from the beginning

As we mentioned above, the Heepsy Gold Plan gives you access to all of our search filters, including the premium ones. Use them! They’ll get you closer to achieving your campaign goals. The audience filter is particularly helpful for ensuring you reach your target audience.

Your target audience is females between the ages of 25-35, located in the US, with English as their primary language, who are interested in running? No problem. Plug it in and let Heepsy do the rest. You’ll see only those influencers whose audiences match your target.

A screenshot of the audience filter, which is included in the Heepsy Gold Plan.
To use the Heepsy audience filter, set the demographics and the percentage of the audience that you want to fulfill each demographic.

Use lists to keep organized

When working with many influencers at once, things are bound to get hectic. Heepsy understands that, and that’s why we developed lists. There are several lists features you can utilize to keep your team on the same page:

  • Statuses – set the status of an influencer, like contacted, or proposal accepted
  • Ratings – rank influencers from 1-5 stars based on your dealings with them
  • Comments – leave general notes about influencers, collaboration details, and so on

The best part of lists is that anyone who logs into the brand’s Heepsy account will be able to see this information. Lists help keep your team members on the same page.

A screenshot showing an example Note, which you can add to your Lists on Heepsy.

Further, downloading a Heepsy list lets you move your influencer info to a spreadsheet, so you can organize as you like and automate your outreach. For more about using lists and automating outreach, see our Influencer Marketing Guide, Chapter 3.

Consider nano and micro influencers

You’re never too big to work with these influencers. With the highest engagement rates in the industry, they’re valuable assets in marketing campaigns. And nano and micro influencers can help leverage that engagement into engagement with your brand. 

Micro influencers in particular are considered experts in their chosen fields. And this isn’t just theory. 82% of consumers have said they’re highly likely to follow a micro influencer’s recommendations. They’re also powerful allies when you want to penetrate niche markets.

And the best part about working with nano or micro influencers is the price tag. For brands, it’s a great way to increase ROI on campaigns. You can sometimes close deals on product alone. And even when you have to pay a fee, it will be a fraction of what you’d pay for a top influencer (who will most likely have lower engagement).


The Gold Plan is our superstar, and we’re sure that it can fulfill all your influencer search and analytics needs!

However, if you’re not sure if the Gold Plan is the plan that best suits you, check out our Pricing Page. You can compare all our plans and decide which fits your needs best. 

Kate works on the Marketing team at Heepsy as a content writer. When she's not online you can find her traveling or trying out a new recipe.
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