Maximize your Influencer Marketing Campaigns with Our Latest Updates

Maximize Heepsy features

In order to choose the most suitable influencer for your brand or company, it is important to make a good search. After analyzing your feedback, the Heepsy team has been updating and creating new features and influencer updates to make the process of searching and choosing influencers easier.

We present here our latest updates:

Add several influencers at once in a list

In your company, you might have an Excel sheet with several Instagram handles that you want to add to a list. Now from the list section you can do so. You simply have to go to the list you have created and click on “+ Add influencers to this list”, that is on the top right. There you can add all the handles you want separated by commas. Once they are added in that section, they will instantly appear on the list. Remember, there is a maximum number of influencers per list.

Lists with different influencers to maximize influencer marketing campaigns
Influencers in a list to maximize influencer marketing campaigns

Download an individual report in pdf

This is one of our most useful updates for our influencers. Maybe you want to present the metrics of a particular influencer to your team, now you can download this person’s report in pdf. After finding the influencer, open their report and click on the upper right, “Print pdf”. A tab will open that will let you save that report with all the advanced metrics on your computer or mobile.

Heepsy section of downloading pdf of report

Photos of the influencer on the card

Now, when you perform a search on Heepsy, you can see the latest publications of the influencers on the card. To do this, create a search, moving the arrows that are on the left side of the influencer card. You can see this in the following picture:

Influencer updates on Heepsy

Audience Quality Score on the card

Another of our influencer updates, created by our team helps to check if the influencer has suspicious metrics that may be related to bad engagement or buying followers all at a glance. If you don’t have time to analyze reports one by one, Audience Quality Score can be your best ally. You will see that it is a “note” from 1 to 100 and will appear in a color, depending on the quality of that score. If you have doubts about that data, we recommend that you look through their report in its entirety to see where it could have been.

Influencer updates on Heepsy

Engagement filter in percentage

Engagement filter by percentage is a new update of Heepsy

Before this point in Heepsy, you could filter by the type of engagement (from very low to very high). Engagement is the interaction that followers have with an influencer (either in “likes”, comments or video visualizations). This quality of engagement has been developed in this way since, for example, a 3% engagement may be good in a particular category, but for another, it may be low. Another of our influencer updates includes a filter in which you can filter by specific percentages. So if you want to find an influencer with a specific percentage, you can do that with Heepsy. 

These are our latest updates, but we recommend that you keep an eye on our newsletter and blog since we will soon have more. If you have any feedback on something you would like to see on Heepsy, leave us a comment or contact us. And if you need a more complete guide to understand how our platform works, you can read this post.

Patricia works in the Growth team at Heepsy. She enjoys helping customers to have a great experience in Heepsy as well as writing content online. When she's not at the office, you can find her reading books or going hiking.

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