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Our influencer marketing research takes a deep dive into the social media industry and the role influencers play in it. Heepsy analytics and our passion for influencer marketing merge to bring you insights into how people use social media and what influence means in our modern world.

The State of Instagram Influencers in Spain

What’s the current state of Instagram influencers in Spain? Vamos a ver! (That’s Spanish for let’s take a look!) Context In a  Heepsy study we ran a few months ago, Spain came in 10th place of the countries with the most influencers. The country with the most influencers was the United States. We’ve already profiled […]

New Social Media Platforms To Check Out This Year

Have you been thinking about investigating some new social media platforms this year? We’ve all got so used to the main platforms in the industry that sometimes we forget to experiment with different ones. Maybe you don’t even know what’s available? Well, let’s find out.  Big players in the social media market When we think […]

Top Instagram Categories and Their Average Engagement Rates

What are the most popular Instagram categories? Which have the highest engagement rates? We analyzed millions of profiles to get you the answers. The top 10 Instagram categories We took a sample of around 10M Instagram profiles and looked at which categories were the most popular. The top 10 Instagram categories by number of profiles […]

The State of Instagram Influencer Marketing: USA

In our recent blog post about social media usage, geographical differences, and the link to influencer marketing, we discovered the top Instagram influencer marketing locations around the world. By this, we mean the places that have the highest numbers of influencers currently based there. If you haven’t read it yet, then I’d encourage you to […]

Nano and Micro Influencers Have Fewest Fake Followers on Instagram

Fake followers: an influencer marketer’s greatest fear. You may find influencers that on the surface level look perfect for your campaign, only to discover their audience is full of soulless bots that have 0 interest in your brand or its products. Thankfully, there are ways to spot fake influencers. With Heepsy for example, you can […]

Social Media Usage, Geographical Differences, and The Link To Influencer Marketing

It’s true to say that influencer marketing differs between locations across the globe. The key to a successful campaign is understanding this and planning your campaign accordingly. We all know that social media usage behaviors play a huge role in this, too.  As with anything, each country will differ in terms of behaviors and characteristics, […]

Sports Micro Influencers & their Social Media Habits

The sports industry has long offered endorsements to celebrity athletes, and with the rise of influencer marketing, those collaboration deals are now also offered to sports personalities that are also Instagram influencers. By now you know that micro influencers are some of the most valuable players on the influencer marketing scene. Heepsy wanted to take […]

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