How to Find Influencers

In an era where word-of-mouth marketing trumps skippable advertisements, influencers are the keys to marketing success. The first step to launching an influencer-based campaign is to find influencers. It’s important to isolate influencers who will best enhance your brand and align with your desired campaign strategy. We’re breaking down the most important tips for choosing the face of your next influencer marketing campaign.

Relevance to Your Industry

If you’re a fitness company, it doesn’t make sense to scour gaming influencers whose demographic is completely outside of your target audience. It’s important to remember that just because an influencer has dozens of followers and great engagement, it doesn’t mean they’re right for your campaign. You may reach some people with a great influencer who is irrelevant to your brand, but your campaign won’t be as successful if the influencer doesn’t align with your product. Find influencers that are relevant to your industry to boost the engagement of your campaign.

Influencers will also be less likely to accept an offer for collaboration if your brand doesn’t align with theirs. They have an image to maintain as well, and if they begin endorsing products they don’t believe in or are irrelevant to their followers, their authenticity as an influencer will suffer and so will their impact on consumers.

Location Matters

If you’re hosting an event in Los Angeles and looking for influencers to attend, it’s important to look for influencers who are based in Los Angeles. On Heepsy you can find influencers by country, state and county.

Ensure Authenticity

Speaking of authenticity, it’s smart to ensure that the influencer you’re about to contact has an authentic following. Just because a profile has hundreds of thousands of followers, it doesn’t mean that the profile is actually reaching and influencing hundreds of thousands of people. For instance, some profiles have thousands of inactive or fake profiles following them to boost their following. Others use follow-back strategies to achieve the same fake following. If you notice a user has a large number of followers but is following too many accounts and has a small number of likes per post, it’s likely that user gained followers by following random profiles. Pay attention to the ratio of followers to following, number of posts and engagement rate before contacting a seemingly impressive influencer. Profiles with fake followers won’t get your brand any real exposure and you shouldn’t be spending real time and money on fake influencers.

Reach for REACH (& Engagement)

Along the same lines, just because an influencer has a large following, it doesn’t mean the influencer reaches a large audience. If a potential influencer has 30k followers but videos on their profile only receive 2000 views, that’s a problem. Their reach is low and the money you invest in a post promoting your brand will reach a fraction of the followers that drew you to the profile in the first place. It’s also important to note how many followers are actually liking their photos. The more followers actively engage in a post, the more views the post will receive and the more exposure your brand will receive.

Details Reveal Everything

Before making a deal with an influencer, go through their product with a fine-tooth comb. Track analytics throughout the campaign to measure effectiveness. Compare profiles of influencers to determine authenticity and legitimacy. Protect yourself against unsuccessful collaborations through thorough research and measurable campaign milestones.

Heepsy narrows your influencer search by insdustry, engagement and location. Your new business partners are out there – you just haven’t met them yet! Contact influencers today with Heepsy.

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